A Familiar Refrain

Sunday the 23rd saw a deep freeze set in around our little area. Naturally it was too bloody cold to do anything outdoors, except Nat had to clear the driveway of what fell to the ground on Saturday. I took advantage of the day and decided to try a new recipe for Muffin Tops which I’d seen on one of those ‘healthy’ cooking shows. Not a muffin lover myself, I figured what the hell, I’d give ’em a try and maybe Mikey (Nat) will eat them. As it turned out, he did. Full of raspberries, blueberries and whole wheat flour, Nat thought they were pretty good except a little dry. The recipe called for a cream cheese filling, which Nat abhors, so I left that out. He opted for putting a little jam on top and problem solved!!

Monday the 24th we wandered around Canadian Tire and Walmart in the morning. Nat was looking for a new tea kettle, as the one we had purchased about a year ago was acting up and not worth the repair. The afternoon hours were whiled away with crosswords and iPad games. Another day to stay in and keep warm from the deep cold outdoors.

With the arrival of Tuesday and another cold and snowy day, we both knew this was how our week was going to go. Another day with nothing on our plates, but willing to brave the cold, we decided on the spur of the moment to head into St. Catharines and get a few supplies at Costco. Being big fish eaters we stocked up on our favourites, along with a few other necessities and arrived home in time for lunch. At least now if Ridgeway got pelted with snow we’d have food on the table and could eat ourselves out of boredom.

The snow theme continued on Wednesday, but Nat took off for Niagara Falls. His excuse was he wanted to walk around Home Depot for a bit, but I knew he also had an ulterior motive. Along with looking for a solution for the ‘intake’ pipe (fresh air for the furnace) which keeps clogging or freezing up because of its closeness to the ‘outtake’ pipe, I figured he’d be looking for a birthday card for me, and I loved him for his thoughtfulness. He came home empty-handed regarding the pipe but at least he had a chance to get out of the house and have some ‘alone’ time. While he was gone I stayed put and updated the back-up drives of our photographs and home movies, which took me most of the afternoon. A tedious but necessary job where I dragged and dropped them all onto an external hard drive in case the CD back-ups decide to go flaky. Having at least 3 back-up plans is a safety net I’m adamant on keeping.

On Thursday morning I finally received the call from Walking On A Cloud shoe store at Seaway Mall that my shoes were in. Looking for a proper pair of shoes in a narrow size is a major task nowadays and I was so relieved to finally find a pair of loafers that were good looking and fit properly. We drove into Welland to pick up my shoes and decided at the same time to drop by the Dairy Queen just down the road to get an ice cream cake for Sunday. With the kids coming over for an early birthday lunch for me, the ice cream cake would satisfy the varying tastes of everyone. Really now, who doesn’t like ice cream??

With snow now covering each and every little crevice in Ridgeway, except the well-plowed roads, Nat drove me down to the Lab on Friday for my usual blood work. Taking advantage of being out, we bought what little groceries we needed a day early. With the day turning out to be cold, snowy and blustery we stayed put in the afternoon and I popped some more of those Cheddar Bay Biscuits in the freezer, thinking they’ll come in handy for that night we decide to put on the crock pot full of hearty beef stew. Cold night – hot beef stew and biscuits – yum!!

Up and at ’em early Saturday morning. I started the laundry and house cleaning, while Nat headed into Ridgeway to get those groceries items we couldn’t find Friday. With the kids coming Sunday for lunch I decided to get the chores done ahead of time and would now be free and clear for the week. Saturday evening with no hockey game on (horror of horrors!!), Nat and I nestled in our easy chairs and watched another movie I had downloaded from iTunes – “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” – which we both enjoyed immensely.

Sunday morning arrived with Nat and I up early to put on some pasta salad for lunch. Susan would be bringing a regular salad and along with the cold cuts, kaisers and ice cream cake, lunch was looking pretty good. Nat had received a call from Laura Saturday afternoon that she might not be able to make it. She was feeling pretty sick – we’re guessing the flu – and thought she’d be best staying in bed. Her Dad agreed and gave her a phone call Sunday morning to check in on her. She was still feeling pretty bad and thought it best to still stay home. With just Tom, Susan and the two girls coming for lunch it was a quieter affair and we had a good time chatting around the dining room table during our meal and retired to the living room for dessert. Susan and Laura pooled their resources and gave me some gift money for Niagara Square and Nat popped an iTunes card into his birthday card which would be nice for those nights we had to rent some more movies. Every little contribution towards the cause is much appreciated! After lunch the Dagenais family was headed over to Walden Galleria Mall for a party dress for Felicia who is keeping an active social life now that she’s in high school. After their departure Nat and I finished cleaning up and fell right back into our routine of crosswords and wondering what was for supper! A comfort zone we’re getting a little too familiar with.

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