With Patience Comes Rewards

This week has been exceptionally quiet. We started off on Sunday lounging around, doing crosswords, watching a little TV and getting very, very bored. We knew we were going into St. Catharines Monday morning so we thought we would stay close to home and build up our strength for that 40 minute trek we’d be making.

Chomping at the bit to get out, Monday morning saw us heading into St. Catharines with a few errands to run and then visiting Nat’s golfing buddy. Our first stop was the bakery to stock up on Nat’s favourite kaisers and then over to the Pen Centre for a gift card for No. 1 grandson’s birthday on the 16th. As it was a little too early to grab a bite to eat before leaving to go to Bill’s, we wandered around the Pen for an hour or so. I’d long forgotten how tedious that can be. The Pen Centre’s flooring is not conducive to those who have stamina problems, and it contains a lot of shops that I have no further interest in. Heading into my golden years (much to my chagrin) there are only a few select stores that interest me in this particular shopping mall and, naturally, you have to walk quite a distant to get to any one of them. The marketers are obviously making sure that every shopper pass by every store in the Mall before getting to their final destination and, hoping like hell you’ll buy something inbetween. With me, the marketers have got it all wrong. If they get me to where I want to go in a relative hurry, and I’m all rested and ready to shop, I can drop a few bucks in any of my favourite stores. This time, however, I was too tired to even look at racks as I passed them! With sore feet setting in, Nat and I finally grabbed a bite to eat at the Food Court and left shortly thereafter.

We were looking forward to seeing Bill and his wife. Bill had had heart surgery prior to Christmas and, along with loosing a granddaughter to an illness at the same time, we were anxious to see how they were doing. With his Irish laugh and smile, Bill seemed to be in great spirits and was looking forward to enjoying a better golf season this year. After a great visit Nat and I headed home for a quick supper and quiet evening.

With the arrival of Tuesday we received an email – a possible buyer for the 8MM Hibachi video camcorder we listed on Kijiji a few months back. We knew the camcorder would be difficult to sell, especially with the onset of newer, smaller and cheaper ones on the market, but we had to give it a try. Patience won out and after 161 hits, and a couple of inquiries, someone was finally interested in offering us a decent price. She’d be her within the hour. Deep in my heart I was glad we had found a buyer and the “found” money could be deposited into the old Savings account that had been drained in 2010 from unexpected expenses. We were looking to build it up again and maybe with a little luck would be able to use the extra money towards ourselves!! So that’s exactly what we did Tuesday afternoon – head down to Fort Erie to deposit our little win fall and then run a few errands. My timing at Dollarama was perfect, they were now stocked up on those great Hershey Marshmallow Hearts in time for Valentines Day and it went without saying that I grabbed a handful that didn’t even last two days.

The snow began to fall Tuesday night and we both woke up to more snow Wednesday morning. It continued throughout the day and as I was feeling a little wonky I stayed put while Nat got a head start on shovelling the drive. The rest of the day was spent by the two of us reading the paper, watching a little TV and generally being lazy. Thinking we wouldn’t spend any money that way, we both knew that was a good thing!!

Thursday morning I was up and ready to bake. I popped a raisin loaf in the oven while Nat did a few chores around the house. The afternoon saw us drive into Welland. We decided to take a walk around the Canadian Tire Store to see what was new, what was on sale and, frankly, just to get us out of the house. While Nat was wandering around his favourite portions – the tools, the hardware, the sports departments – I’m pretty much stuck in housewares and we were both successful in finding a couple of small items for the kitchen and the workshop. On the way home Nat decided to stop in at what can only be described as God’s gift to the chocolate worldNigh’s Chocolate Shop. As soon as you step inside the door you’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven. If the aroma doesn’t kill you, the calories will. But you’ll go down in style and feeling oooohhhhh so good!! With depression rearing its ugly head the first of the week, Nat could tell I was about due for a pick-me-up and knowing me as well as he does, he knew exactly where to let me loose. For this he has my undying love for eternity!!

By Friday Nat and I were both feeling a little perkier – (Chocolate overdoses will do that) – and knowing that we were due for some serious snow fall on Saturday we decided to get the weekly groceries a day early. We were also able to take advantage of some pretty good sales at No Frills in Fort Erie (having their $1.00 sale), and headed home for lunch. The afternoon I popped some chocolate chip cookies into the oven, got the laundry done for the week and made meat loaf and roasted potatoes for supper. Whew!! I was done for the day.

The weather man was right. The snow began to fall early Saturday morning and with the wind gusts, the day was starting to look a little grim. With nothing on our plates for the day, we stayed put and enjoyed the warmth and comfort of our little home. I managed to get my housecleaning done while Nat ran out for his paper and the afternoon saw us ending this week the way we started – curled up with crosswords, watching a little TV, but alas enjoying the day.


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