The Continuing Sump Pump Saga – Day 2

Finally got a hold of the Water Systems outfit in Ohio this morning. Nat was on the phone for five minutes or so explaining our situation. Of course, the woman that answered gave him a bit of a hard time – did you check this, did you check that?, you know these things are tested before leaving the factory, etc., etc. Nat’s answers to each question were Yes and further explained that the plumber tried everything he could to get the new pump running. It was running slow and still getting warm no matter what he did. It baffled the pair of them. She finally gave in and offered to send another pump and we could discard the one sent in December. So I’m guessing now, this is our last chance. If this new sucker doesn’t work then we’ll have to divvy up for another new sump pump. By the time we’re through I’m thinking we can open our own shop with these things!! Here’s also hoping the Border guys don’t get a little suspicious and wonder why so many sump pumps are being delivered to a little cottage in Ridgeway!!

Nat phoned Bart the plumber to bring him up-to-date and it’s obviously going to be a waiting game to see when the new pump arrives, how this woman has marked it for duty, etc. and when Bart can finally get this matter resolved. By now I’m out of the house. Things are getting a little tense and frustrated and having a few errands to run I took off down the road. I suppose being held hostage in your own home waiting for plumbers, pumps and Ikea doors is getting to me and it felt good just to take a ride in the van and clear the old head. I ended up at our local Dollarama stocking up on chocolate marshmallow Easter treats and Aero bars – $15.00 worth. What the hell, if all else fails I’ll drown myself in chocolate and at least be emotionally satisfied!!!

After a quiet lunch, Nat decided to head down the road to gas up the van. Apparently gas prices had risen in Niagara Falls and he wanted to take advantage of the lower prices in Fort Erie before they, too, took a bounce upwards. Meanwhile I baked some cookies, after draining our supply at Christmas, and popped a turkey stew in the old crock pot. And just to top off my day, I was in the bathroom just when the FedEx guy arrived with those bloody Ikea doors!!

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