This Was Not A Dream, But My Reality

With Christmas over (thank-you very much!!) New Year’s Eve was upon us. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!! Not exactly an evening that Nat and I have ever celebrated. Too old, too tired, too expensive. Could we be more boring!!! We did, however, sit in our nice warm cozy easy chairs and watch the movie “Inception” via the Apple TV, and what a treat that was! The movie, too, I might add! We had downloaded 3 movies earlier in the day, knowing that New Year’s Rocking Eve and the festivities from Niagara Falls now bore us completely (not knowing any one of the celebrities or singers). We both thought this was going to be the right time to try out our little Christmas present and were both pleased with the results.

The movie, Inception, was brilliant. A great story line, a great cast and lots of good special effects. It was fascinating to watch how dreaming was interpreted and incorporated into an actual espionage-style story. Unusual but equally intriguing. We also rented Forget Paris and Gosford Park, a couple of older movies, which we’ll save for a later date, as we have 30 days within to watch both. I was so pleased with the way the Apple TV worked and had to keep telling myself that we were streaming this via the internet from our computer to our television. We didn’t have to run down to our local video store, where that particular movie may not have been available, and then run back in the morning to return the DVD. Easy, peasie! We both enjoyed our New Year’s Eve and finished off counting down to midnight before retiring for the night.

Sunday morning saw me up earlier than usual. The kids were all coming over for Sunday lunch to celebrate Nat’s birthday. It’s becoming a tradition now to have everyone over for cold cuts, kaisers, salads, muffins and ice cream cake, which everyone enjoys and which is certainly easy to fix up. No major cooking, no fuss and no muss. As Nat’s sister’s birthday was coming up I thought it would be a nice idea to line everyone up in front of the fireplace and take a group photo. Jenny, living in Britain, doesn’t get to see her nieces and nephews at all and I like to keep her up-to-date with recent photos. I also had everyone sign the card for her and after snapping a couple of pictures, I’d take them to Wal-Mart in the morning to get them printed. I’m sure Jenny will enjoy the special treat this time around. Plus the kids got a kick out of participating in the whole process. The snow was now falling pretty good and the festivities broke up earlier than usual. Everyone wanted to get home before the roads got too slippery and we couldn’t blame them. Naturally by mid-afternoon the snow had dissipated and the roads were clear.

As for presents received by my dear hubby – the girls gave him a couple of Keg gift cards and I gave him a new iPod Nano. The old one of mine he’s been using is now beginning to act up – it won’t turn off sometimes – and I thought Nat would enjoy having a new one for when he goes walking. The new little Nanos can be clipped anywhere on your person, have a touch screen and have a couple extra features I knew Nat would enjoy. As I had purchased the same on Apple’s website I was able to get the special “Red” Nano and do our part for Bono’s cause for stamping out World Aids (a portion of your purchase goes towards that cause), plus I was also able to get it engraved with Nat’s name and a special note on the back. He played with his new little gadget for the rest of the afternoon!


Photo Taken for Jenny's Birthday Card
Nat and The Gang

Monday morning saw Nat and I running down to Wal-Mart to get the photos printed, along with running a couple of other errands. The store was practically empty but the check-out clerk assured us that there was a major run on groceries New Year’s Eve day. He said a worm couldn’t have crawled through the whole store! The prints turned out great and we were soon home getting Jenny’s card ready for the post, and then after lunch it was time to take down all of those Christmas decorations!! Another yearly chore I’m glad to get over. By this time I want “our” house back. I was actually ready to take down all of the decorations on Boxing Day, but thought I’d leave them up for the kids when they came over for their Dad’s birthday. At least now everything was back in its box or crate and stashed away in its corner of the basement for another year. Hopefully everything will be right with ‘my’ world now and Nat and I can get back into our routine. Ahhh, the beauty of getting older – one thing a day, one thought a day and pretty much one decision a day!!

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