I’m Beginning To Hate Sump Pumps!

The first of the week. What could be more simpler than starting off on a quiet note and thinking you’re going to have a relatively easy time of things. Well, think again. Somehow it didn’t go that well. Nat has this uncanny habit of constantly listening for strange noises or lack thereof. The thumping of the sump pump downstairs was no exception. For a few days now, he’s been wondering why it hasn’t been doing it’s usual thumping every 20 minutes or so. Now it was taking longer. While downstairs getting a new box of cereal from our ‘over-flow pantry’ he noticed the sump pump sounds were not the same as usual. With his investigative hat on he soon realized that the back-up pump was kicking in and not the main one. Naturally every possible scenario went through his mind as to what it could be and how much it was going to cost to get fixed. After trying his damndest to explain the whole set-up to me, and after consulting the sump pump manual, we felt it was time to call our plumber buddy. We were both thinking this wasn’t going to go well – it never does for us.

We got lucky for once and reached our plumber right away. As more luck would have it, he could drop by within the next hour and a half. With Nat planning to do a little painting (the frame for a mirror) and me planning to do some Christmas cookies, we put our plans aside and waited. The plumber came by sooner than expected and suddenly the two of them were downstairs doing their ‘manly’ thing – getting dirty while mucking about with a submersible sump pump. It was soon discovered that this new (or fairly new) sump pump we had purchased with a lifetime warranty, was broken – or at least the switch was. No connection was being made and it was acting as if there was a short in the electrical somewhere. Our plumber discussed what options we had with Nat and when they informed me of what was going on, I nodded my head in agreement to the most sensible and secure option – another new sump pump!

Our plumber had suggested that we call the manufacturer of the broken sump pump and see if they could at least send us a replacement switch. Perhaps it could then be used as a secondary pump once the new one was put in and the original old pump taken out (which our plumber buddy didn’t like anyways). We would then have a new ‘main’ sump pump, a fairly new ‘back-up’ sump pump and all would be right with the world again. Sounded good to us and Nat soon began to make the call. It turns out this wasn’t going to be another bad week after all. Once Nat reached the folks who manufactured the pump (Ridgid) and took the details – purchase date, serial number, etc. – we were told they would just replace the whole pump itself. It would be a lot easier that way and we gave them no arguments. They’d have it shipped ‘next day’ delivery and (without any problems at the Border) we would probably have it in a couple of days. Our spirits were lifted and we were both relieved at how nice the service was. We’ll sit and wait for the arrival of the new pump and once received our plumber buddy will return and get us all set up again.

As our little adventure took place all within the span of a couple of hours Wednesday morning, we decided to get the hell out of town after that. We called our friends, the Bartletts, in St. Catharines, and asked if they were up for some company. We were anxious to see them before Christmas and wanted to give them our little gift. We ended up having a wonderful visit, as always, and then decided to pop into Swiss Chalet for supper on the way home. Not having any time to even think about supper with the plumber running in and out of the house, we were stumped for ideas and this one seemed like a good one. The temperature had now dropped a lot – a bitter cold – but we had a good visit, a good meal and were soon home nestled in front of the fire. Hopefully we’ll get our painting and baking done today. But that may be another story!

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