With A Blink Of An Eye They Were Gone

The weekend started with our usual routine of getting groceries and running a couple of other errands before settling in for the afternoon. Nat also took advantage of the good weather and put up the Christmas lights on the umbrella tree. While he’s in the garden trying to remember how he put them on last year, I’m indoors doing housework and laundry. We had previously purchased a couple of lawn ornaments that lit up – a Doe and her Fawn – and after laying them out on the dining room table to get hooked up, Nat managed to display them in the front garden beneath that umbrella tree. He’s decided not to put up house lights as he’s struggled in past years to get them clipped onto the house and that was okay by me.

Sunday afternoon we then decided to bring up the trunk of interior decorations and I, too, made an attempt at remembering where everything went.  Not having decorated last year because of lack of enthusiasm after a really pissy year, my mind went blank as to what went where. Somehow I managed to find a place for most of the trinkets, decorative little Christmas trees, fireplace garland and the like. With my family coming for Christmas dinner this year, I wanted to set a nice atmosphere with more than just our Christmas Tree.

A rainy, stormy Monday was soon upon us and now being in the Christmas spirit we took the time to wander around Stevensville Garden Centre after the rains had stopped and we had eaten our lunch. Always a treat to see their holiday decorations and new ideas for indoors and out. Nat and I both were in awe of the new ribbon decorations that encircled a room, along with gorgeous new wreaths and garlands. I found a nice centrepiece for our dinner table and resisting further temptation we left for Wal-Mart to pick up some tea lights for the new warming tray we had purchased. We’d leave Tuesday to finish looking for some taper candles for the new centrepiece.

With the arrival of Wednesday morning, Nat and I were up and on the road by 8:45 AM to Niagara Falls. The day had finally arrived when Nat could get those stitches out after his trigger thumb surgery. He’d been anxious about this appointment for the past several days and was a tad worried the stitches might be a bit difficult to remove. No sooner had we sat down in the waiting room when Nat was called in and within the blink of an eye Nat had returned to get his coat. The stitches had been removed and he was ready to go. Exercising the thumb to get those muscles loosened up would be his only worries now. We were in and out so quick that by the time we arrived at Niagara Square to do some research for Christmas at the Future Shop the stores hadn’t yet opened. As Winners opens up earlier, we had a look around that store before heading over to Future Shop to check out a couple of items and ideas. After lunch Nat called Winnie to see how his golfing buddy, Bill, had done with his open heart surgery on Tuesday. Thankfully everything went well and Bill would be hospitalized about 5 days before he could go home to recoup in a warmer, quieter atmosphere.


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