Go For One But Take Two And A Sweet Deal To Boot!

Not to repeat myself, which I’m known to do, but these past weeks have been exceptionally quiet. In order to break the monotony Nat decided to do some lawn work by putting away the summer stuff – lawn mower, rakes, lawn chairs, table, etc. – and dusting off the winter stuff – snow blower, shovel, etc. He said he was pleased with what he had accomplished and even had room to spare in his new little shed. The next morning, however, he woke up with a kink or knot in his shoulder that’s been giving him grief ever since. He’s been told before that it may be arthritis and he’s been keeping it warm in the evenings while watching television. After a couple of days he could feel some relief and was hoping that would be the last of it. Along with the stitches in his thumb giving him the odd jolt now and again and his shoulder acting up, Nat was ready getting a little down.

Tuesday evening seemed to be my turn. While enjoying our evening meal I discovered that one of my teeth had cracked right down the middle. As it happens it was one of those three teeth that I had root canals done a few years back and whereupon I swallowed most of one of them after our arrival at the condo in Florida. One of the more expensive meals I had that day, as the total bill for those root canals was $3,000.00 over and above what our GM plan would cover. Needless to say, when it happened I was very pissed!! So I’m thinking this is the second one to go and I knew in my heart of hearts I’d have to see a dentist. Nat and I were wanting to find a local dentist and this was going to be our chance. After quick research on Wednesday morning, I called one that looked good and he could fit me in Thursday morning. Whew!! At least I was going to get this over with relatively quick. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Nat nursing his shoulder and me wondering what to expect the next day.

Nat wanted to accompany me, but our furnace guy was coming for the annual maintenance check and with conflicting times, I reassured him I’d be okay to go it alone. As it was only one tooth and the office was just minutes from the house, I knew I’d be fine driving home. I arrived earlier than needed at the dentist’s office knowing that I’d have a form to fill out and with my medical history it always takes me an extra few minutes. Everyone in the office seemed nice and friendly and I was soon whisked into the dentist’s room to get this thing done. Naturally it wasn’t easy. Nothing ever is with me. Despite the fact that I had assumed one tooth would be pulled, it turned out to be two. The dentist felt it would be appropriate to remove the remnants of the one that I had swallowed in Florida!! How nice of him!!! With my crazy logic, I figured if it ain’t hurtin’, then don’t touch it!!! I guess this guy thinks otherwise!! Within twenty minutes I was done and so relieved it was now over. With instructions in hand I headed home. The rest of the afternoon saw me now nursing a huge hole on the inside of my mouth and keeping Nat company whilst still nursing his shoulder. Like two wounded birds we stayed put and tried to while away the rest of the hours as best we could. Nat was kind enough to mix up some Jello that I could enjoy later and along with some ice cream my food for the day was now fixed. With no food in my stomach the entire day it was difficult smelling the wonderful aromas of a beef pie coming from the kitchen as Nat fixed his supper and I tried my best to detract from what was going on by playing games on the iPad or watching television. A long night soon came and went and I was ready for bed.

This morning, with aches and pains now subsided somewhat, we decided to hit the road and drive up to Limeridge Mall. We’d have a walk about, look around at some of the different shops and maybe get a few Christmas ideas for the kids. We had a great time checking out all of the Christmas decorations that were now on display and Nat even managed to find a fabulous deal at Bowrings. He’s been looking for good coffee mugs for some time, saw exactly what he wanted at Williams-Sonoma at Walden Galleria Mall, but passed them up and now regrets it. What he spotted at Bowrings was pretty close to those at Williams-Sonoma and on sale to boot!! As we browsed the rest of the store we were informed that they were having an additional 20% off sale. Well!! How could he lose!! Even at the sale price of $2.99, I told him he was crazy not to at least get 4 or even 6. Somehow he became convinced that he couldn’t pass this one up, so we took 6 to the counter and yep, the clerk was right. Another 20% was taken off when she rung up those gorgeous red mugs. This was one of those deals that we don’t usually find, so we were glad our timing was right for once.

After our great purchase we continued to walk around the Mall, despite the fact that this place is now getting too big for even this shopper to handle. We grabbed some lunch, which was the only thing on my mind at this point, as I’d not had a meal in 24 hours. Harvey’s, KFC, Tim Horton’s, Manchu Wok, all sounded delicious at this point but knowing that the old gums would still be tender I’d have to be careful. With Nat heading for his usual Tim Horton’s, I got gutsy and went for a burger at Harvey’s and managed pretty good despite my now half-empty mouth. But my good, that burger was good!!

We then decided to have one last look around and headed down to the Sears store. Nat has also been looking to replace a couple of sweaters that were getting a little rough around the neck. We headed to the men’s department and wouldn’t you know it – another sale!! With some hesitation he looked at some designer sweaters that he doesn’t normally wear, but a style he really liked. At $85.00 each, I knew he’d never go for it, but gosh golly gee, they were on sale for $39.99. Too good to be true, we checked with the clerk and she confirmed it. I had Nat take two at that price. Again, how could he lose?? We thanked the clerk, grabbed that bag and headed for home. A successful shopping trip is always good for the soul and this one was no exception, even though Nat said he felt guilty that I didn’t find anything. I was just happy for him, after all he hates shopping for anything and to find two sweet deals in one day – what were the odds??


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