Oh, What A Relief!

After Nat’s little procedure on Monday, we both laid low and stayed close to home. I had a couple of errands to run in Fort Erie and, naturally, Nat tagged along just to get out of the house. Despite the fact that his left hand was bandaged and he was still in some pain, he insisted on driving. Try as I might I didn’t win that argument!! He managed, however, and we arrived at our destination safe and sound. Like all men he never admitted defeat, but once home and under some verbal pressure, he did admit he only had trouble turning the steering wheel to his left. Somehow I kind of knew even before he admitted it. I could see the little cringe in his face when he was actually making that left-hand turn.

The rest of the day was spent in some silence and contemplation. Nat’s not a game player and has a hard time getting into things such as cards, Scrabble or any other kind of board game. He couldn’t even pick up the Wii remote to have a ground of golf, as that involved using his left hand. With that he was satisfied to keep me company while I was keeping him company watching some “brain dead” television shows I had taped. We somehow got through the afternoon relatively unscathed.

We were excited when Wednesday finally came around. We were invited to Zoe’s birthday party at Boston Pizza that evening and, not having been to that particular establishment in some time, we were both looking forward to it. In order to get an idea of our excitement I even went online to view their menu and learn what upgrades, if any, they had made. After doing a bit of work in the office – getting another batch of fonts printed out for Bonnie, and some more recipes organized for Liz – I baked a batch of cookies for the Christmas season, while Nat surfed the web, read the paper and listened to his music. Come 4:30 PM we were ready for our supper. We’re use to eating on “British time” – in or around 4:30 – so we were on the road by 4:45 in order to get to the restaurant for 5:30. The Irwin family had arrived at the same time and everyone else followed very shortly thereafter.

Thamazine admitted she was surprised at the number of people who responded positively to her invitation and we both admitted it was turning out to be a great evening. It seems like everyone enjoyed their meal and once done we were invited back to the Irwin home for cake. Again, another great time and even funnier watching Zoe try to not read her birthday cards – she just wanted to get to the good stuff, and who could blame her!! Looks like she made out pretty good – some clothes, some money, some jewellery, some toys – a little bit of everything to keep every pre-teen occupied. The conversation and cake were equally fun. As always, Nat and I love seeing family and getting caught up on who’s doing what and where they’ve been. It was nice to hear about Liz and Tim’s trip to Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween, Darby’s party experience and other news. Thanks Irwins!! A lot of work but always worth it. Nat even made it home in time to see the last period of the Leafs’ game, even though I don’t think he thinks it was worth the effort – they lost another one!!

With the arrival of Thursday morning it was reveal day. Nat was now able to remove his bandages and see some relief for his now swollen hand. Being the gutsy one that he is, he was able to remove the gauze with some ease, despite a little stickiness around one of the stitches. Even though I’ve had enough surgical procedures to circle the globe, I’m still wonky when it comes to looking at such things. So as Nat walked into the living room to proudly show off his war wounds I gave a cringe. He reassured me it wasn’t that bad and he was right. Looks to be about 5 to 6 stitches and healing quite nicely. We put a much smaller bandage over in order to protect the area and he could now stretch his hand and give it some much-needed relief so the swelling in his fingers could go down. Being able to do that alone made his day. He’s now in the home stretch and has to only wait another week and a half to get the stitches removed and then all will be right with the world – at least until another little trauma rears its ugly head!!

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