Could You Tie My Shoes, Please?

With a little intrepidness Nat finally had the surgery on his trigger thumb yesterday. He was ever so glad to get it over with despite the fact that he’s left the support bandage off for a few weeks and it’s not been as troubling as it was in the beginning. That springing-back action would occur now and again, but like everything else in life, he got use to it and it became part of his daily routine to squint his eyes, cringe in pain, grab his thumb and whisper to himself “Ouch“, whenever it did. With all Specialists in the medical field, the waiting game was the longest, as it’s been well over 5 months since he was diagnosed with this condition. The day of the surgery was no exception as his appointment wasn’t until 3:45 PM and sitting in the Doc’s waiting room took longer than the procedure. This is one busy guy!!

Once Nat was called into the Doc’s office, he was only gone 15 minutes before I heard his voice in the reception area getting his instructions for the follow-up appointment and how to treat his hand in the interim. His left hand (it’s always the one you right with, right!!) was bandaged more than I anticipated and once told what had actually happened, I understood why the excessive wrapping. The actual incision was done in between the thumb and his index finger and in order to keep everything stiff and immoveable, the gauze was wrapped around the base of his thumb, in and around the palm of his hand and then swirled around his wrist and taped into place. Pleased that it was over, we phoned in our take-out pizza order to pick up on our way home and we’d be in for the night. On the way home he explained how the procedure went and that he was pleased with the whole affair and especially the Doc (a plastic surgeon in Niagara Falls).

Not being able to remove the bandages for a couple of days, I knew it was going to be awkward for Nat to function with his usual morning routine, getting meals and even doing any chores required. This morning was his first test and he somehow got shaved and dressed without too many nicks on his face and he was popping Tylenol in order to alleviate the pain that began to set in once the freezing came out over night. Having planned to lay low after the surgery, I was off for my hair appointment this morning and then we’d hang around the house so he could keep his hand relatively still and give the incision time to heal. It was a long morning for him, but he surfed the web (which he could use his right hand for) and managed to do a little reading. I had planned to pop some cookies in the oven for Christmas this afternoon and Nat knew he couldn’t sit entirely still the whole day. He grabbed his coat and slipped on his shoes and announced he was going to go for a walk to get some fresh air. I helped him on with his coat as the sleeves are elasticized and needed to be stretched over his left hand, and as he was slipping on his shoes he turned and asked “Could you tie my shoes, please?” Naturally, that was a given as he lifted his foot up to a kitchen chair to save me from bending over and getting a major blood rush!! He also realized he couldn’t zip up his coat and when those “baby blues” blinked at me I realized what he wanted. All zipped up, laced up and pockets stuffed (wallet, cell phone and kleenex) he was off. I was ever so glad this poor man wasn’t bed ridden, as I don’t know how he would have coped.

His walk was fairly long, as I had the cookies in and out of the oven by the time he got home. He settled in with a few of his woodworking magazines and after putting away the cookies I joined him in the living room to keep him company. We had figured out what to fix for supper that would be easy for him to eat with his right hand and I’m sure he’ll be glad to see the end of this day. It’s one more day closer to him being able to remove the bandages and having this whole little inconvenient thing behind him.

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