Sorry, We Don’t Want Any More Big Ones

With the advent of Halloween looming, Nat and I were getting relatively excited. It was going to be something for us to do, albeit for a very short period of time. How sad is that – really!!!!! I’m thinking Nat was a bit more anxious than I was, as last year we only had a couple of little tots come to the door while the rest were the bigger kids – for a total of 10 or so. Nat was convinced it was over 20, but no matter, we both knew it was going to be a smaller crowd this year, as some families had moved away, including Officer Bill and his two little ones.

With a good time being had by the two of us at Liz’s 40th birthday party last week, we were now ready for some more action. We managed to somehow while away the rest of the week with me baking bread and Nat running up and down stairs seeing to the dehumidifier. This house has had a major humidity problem ever since we moved in and it’s now getting to the “can’t stand it anymore” stage. We’ve called in our local contractor to pick his brain and he suggested putting the dehumidifier downstairs to see what happens. He was right, as that little sucker has been pumping away on a daily basis sucking up water vapours out of the air like crazy. Nat’s been on constant vigil to make sure the tank isn’t full and, if so, to empty the bucket. So far it’s made a half-decent job of things as the basement no longer has that musty odour. But we still have to find out where all of that moisture is coming from and I shutter to think what that’s going to involve. Oh well, just another expensive project to look forward to and another way of soaking up dollars we don’t have. Seems to be par for the course so far with this place.

Getting back to what this posting was all about:-  With the arrival of Halloween Sunday we both relaxed in the AM with our usual routine and completed some chores in the PM. We sat down a little early to a nice roast pork tenderloin dinner and soon after I set out our two little candy bowls containing a total of 108 mixed varieties of Aero, Smarties, KitKat and Coffee Crisp chocolate bars. We sat and watched the news while at the same time watching as the little local ghosts and goblins ran up and down the opposite side of Dominion. They were running to and fro from house to house collecting their goodies and having a gay old time. Our one neighbour who sets up his entire garage with Halloween brick-a-brack and goodies had his usual great time of greeting the little creatures that managed to crawl up his driveway to get their tricks or treats. We, however, were still sitting and waiting.

Shortly after 8:00 pm the doorbell finally rang. I hopped to it, grabbed the knob, swung open the door and what to my surprise – two tall gals standing there with their pillow cases opened wide and shouting the requisite “Trick or Treat!” My heart sank as I thought to myself, Here we go again! Only big kids are going to show up at this time of night! A tad disappointed but also thinking I can’t tell them to take a hike at this point in the game, so I handed them each a couple of our treats (at least the ones we won’t eat afterwards) and they were off and running to their next stop. The trickle of kids was light. A couple more “older” ones showed up about another half hour later, and by 9:00 PM we had had a total of 12 kids – all big ones. I’d had enough and knew that the little ones were now home safely, sprawled out on their living room floors with treats and sweets scattered all around them, sorting through which ones to keep and which ones to toss over to Mom and Dad. At this point I told Nat that I was closing up shop. So with the leftovers sorted between Nat and myself for later, I nestled back into my easy chair and finished watching whatever was on television. The excitement was now over. Ce la vie!!

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