Gobble, Gobble And Ready For My Bed

Thanksgiving weekends are just as exciting as Christmas to me. The good food and family gatherings are always worth the effort. Having said that, it’s a bonus when someone else is doing all the work!! As we were invited to Claudia’s for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and, as it was Laura’s birthday this week, we also decided to have a supper but for Nat’s side of the family. We invited Susan, Tom, Felicia and Bridget to join Laura, Karly and Lucas for a combo Thanksgiving / Birthday supper on Monday and found a pretty good sized Turkey for our meal, together with a great Blizzard Ice Cream Cake from the Dairy Queen in Port Colborne.

Getting ready for the weekend we had purchased the turkey a week ago (’cause they were on sale!), along with the Blizzard Cake and then purchased the balance of our groceries on Saturday. We were ready! That afternoon saw me cleaning the house and getting laundry done a day before hand, knowing that Sunday would be busy with other things.

Sunday was soon upon us and after watching a good Leafs’ game the night before Nat and I were up and ready to go. We took our time and did our usual Sunday morning routine – watching Sunday Morning and Nat doing crosswords. After lunch we prepped the mashed potatoes (our contribution to Claudia’s meal) and as they boiled away I began to pre-set the dinning room table for our get together on Monday. I’m a huge believer in doing as much ahead of time as possible. Once the mashed potatoes were all fluffy and ready to go Nat and I then headed into St. Catharines for the first of our Thanksgiving meals.

Needless to say our meal at Claudia’s was absolutely delicious. Her Butterball turkey was tender, juicy and cooked to perfection. Nat carved the turkey while I placed the meat on the platters provided and temptation kept calling. We couldn’t help but grab a piece or two of that good looking bird while the electric knife whizzed away. The rest of the evening was extremely enjoyable as little games were played – taking a quiz regarding Turkey and guessing the amount of jelly beans in the jar. Bonnie’s guest and family friend from days of old, Dennis, came the closest to the number of jelly beans, but I came in a close second. Damn, I was so looking forward to more treats for the office, along with the great looking vase they were in!! Needless to say I hesitated when it came to leaving. It’s always nice seeing my sisters again and having a laugh or two. With us in Ridgeway and the rest of the gang in St. Catharines and Jordan it’s difficult to see them as often as I’d like. We headed home somewhat tired after a pretty long day (from our point of view) and settled down to watch a couple of TV shows before hitting the hay. It was going to be another busy day tomorrow.

Monday morning arrived and we were both up and ready to get the turkey cooked ahead of time. We’ve found by doing so, it was a huge time saver and we were able to enjoy our dinner guests more. Having been taught how to butcher a side of beef, along with other stuff by my Dad while we owned Rouse’s Red & White Store, I was able to cut up our Turkey in order to lay out the individual pieces on the cooking tray and the whole thing would cook more evenly and quicker. A little trick I learned from one of my cooking magazines that I subscribe to. We’ve done this in the past and it really worked well. This would also provide us with even more time when it came to carving the Turkey, as everything was already to go except for the breast meat, which only had to be sliced. So with the Turkey in the oven we proceeded to pre-prep as much of the other food items that we could and we were then able to take a seat before our guests arrived.

Laura decided to bring her latest addition to the family – her new puppy, Zoe – which thrilled the rest of the grandkids to no end. Bridget has practically been on bended knee begging her Mom and Dad to now get them a pup, but with two cats already in the house I’m thinking it’s going to be awhile. Trust me, though, Bridget’s that good and I’m sure there’ll be pitter patter sounds of little puppy claws in their house in no time. With the meal ready shortly after everyone arrived, we sat down to eat and for once in their lives, the grandkids were able to sit at the ‘adult’ table. They were thrilled and so were we, as we were able to get caught up on all of their news which we hardly get to do.

With (if I do say so myself) a delicious meal over, we headed to the living room where we could rest before slicing into the ice cream cake. Laura was then able to open her gifts while everyone looked on and Zoe played on her Toronto Maple Leaf blanket. It was obvious the kids were enjoying their new pet and Zoe wasn’t playing shy with anyone. With the gift opening complete, we then cut into the cake and enjoyed a nice treat at the end of a good meal. Lucas was especially pleased. Being a bit of a picky eater, he was thrilled we were serving one of his favourite desserts – ice cream. The kids had left for home by by 7:00 pm, as they all had work in the morning. Nat and I cleaned up only the necessary stuff, washed those items that couldn’t go into the dishwasher and then crashed for the night. We were exhausted.

Tuesday morning saw us up and at ’em again, only this time cleaning up the mess from the night before. It didn’t take us too long, however, and by the time we were done it was close to noon. We settled in for (you guessed it!) a turkey sandwich, watched a little television and decided that would be it for the rest of the day. By now I couldn’t stop yawning. Those Turkey endorphins had somehow stayed with me through the night, or else it was physical!! Every time I tried to speak a big yawn would take over my lower face. Frustratingly, this went on the entire day and early evening. Taking the hint I decided to retire early and hit the hay to hopefully get caught up on what my body was telling me I needed – sleep, wonderful sleep.

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