Put A Lid On It

The very day we looked at this house we were informed it had a sump pump. From the very day we moved into this house that sump pump gave us problems requiring our immediate attention. Working with what we had – a liner badly installed, a leaky pipe to the exterior, an inferior pipe leading into the pump and an extremely poor back-up battery – we proceeded to upgrade as much as possible. We purchased a far superior back-up battery when the new generator was purchased and cleaned up the entire area, including disposing of the little mouse that decided to go for a swim but discovered he couldn’t and repairing the incoming and outgoing pipes. The liner was something we had no control over, it’s imbedded into the concrete flooring and because of the expense involved, we decided to live with it for as long as we could.

After completing the upgrades it was now evident that the cover for the sump pump would no longer fit. In fact, it never did fit properly and was always left sitting to one side gathering dust. These past three or so years we’ve often wondered if leaving the water-filled hole exposed has contributed somewhat to the high humidity in our new little home. With Winter rearing its ugly head and the cooler weather now upon us, the steaming windows have reappeared. Despite our efforts of running the dehumidifier on a regular basis, the steam continues to show up. We also recognize the fact that new windows are needed but with other priorities higher on our list they’ll just have to wait.

Nat had every intention of building a new cover and this past week he finally got it completed. With the rainy, drizzly weather of late he decided it was time to put a lid on it. While working away in the office I’d hear footsteps running up and down the stairs every now and again, along with buzzing sounds in the garage. The chips were flying again as the saw and router whirred around and around shaping and forming the wood. Once completed the lid was a perfect fit – shaped, formed and contorted to fit around the nooks, crannies and thing-a-ma-bobs that stick out of that hole. Job well done, Sweetie, and here’s to lower humidity (hopefully) at least in the basement. With another task off of his list, Nat then proceeded to mow the lawn before more rains came and I baked cookies for the freezer.

Tuesday saw Nat and I pretty much puttering around the house. As he had completed the frame boxes for the bedroom, we decided to run some errands in Fort Erie in the morning, leaving me with the afternoon to play around with the placement of the frames and awaiting pictures for the bedroom walls.

After encouraging Nat to call his golfing buddy to see about a game this week, he headed over to Pelham Hills on Wednesday for a round of 18 holes on a near perfect Fall day. While he was away I did my usual hanging out in the office playing with the new iPad and getting it up and running with the apps, photos, files and other programs I wanted. After some research and reading up I’m discovering all kinds of goodies that can be done with this extremely amazing little gadget. In fact, the draft of this blog entry was done using my iPad while logged onto the internet and using the bluetooth keyboard from the iMac in the office. It’s now possible for me to sit in the living room with Nat while he’s watching his beloved hockey game and I can work away on the iPad and keep him company. God I love this technological age!!! Believe me, those iPad ads are so true!!!!

Once Thursday arrived we were headed back to Grimsby for Nat’s follow-up doctor’s appointment. We decided to leave earlier than usual so we could gas up in Niagara Falls and Nat could also drop into the Lazy Lizard in St. Catharines to pick up some golf winnings that were owed to him. We weren’t long at the Doc’s – Nat’s test results were clear – no sign of ulcers or other maladies. Good news!

Nat was gone again Friday. His buddy, Nick, had invited him along with (his brother) John, to the Wood Show in Woodstock. As usual the boys were razzle dazzled by new technology in tools, including the latest and greatest saws that practically run themselves. He arrived home with his bag full of pamphlets, booklets and other goodies found at such shows and it sounded like a good time was had by all. For a change of pace, while Nat was out, I decided to tackle a load of laundry and then hang up those frames and pictures I so carefully arranged. With a great deal of hesitation and uncertainty about what I was doing, I completed the task albeit using less frames than were built. Keeping it simple was my train of thought and once a certain arrangement was reached, two of the five frames were put aside. I may end up using them when I decide to change what’s hanging above the headboard. Now if I can just find that elusive duvet cover in the colours I want, I’ll be a happy camper.


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