With Fall Comes Peace

Since our return from Corning, we’ve settled back into our daily routine and naturally it feels as if we’ve never been away. Nat was back to his golf game on Wednesday with some trepidation – the season is winding down much to his chagrin. With only two more games left for the Ranger’s, he’s hoping his partner will call and set up some games on the side before the snow flies. Naturally, while he’s away the little nerd will play. I was getting caught up with office stuff and playing with my new toy – the iPad – and oh what fun that was!!

Thursday morning we headed into St. Catharines. We were getting low on a few things and being a rainy, miserable day we knew being stuck indoors would drive us crazy. We stocked up at the bakery,  racked up a small fortune at Costco and then headed home for a quiet afternoon of crosswords (Nat) and play time (Moi). I was now finding multiple uses for the iPad which thrilled me to no end. Without fail, Nat usually has a question or two for me whenever solving his L.A. Times Crossword and if I didn’t know the answer myself, I’d walk down the hall to the office, log on to the internet and do the Wikipedia thing to try and get an answer for him. Now I was able to sit in the living room with him, iPad in hand, and log on to the internet from whence I sat!!! How handy, how nice and how bloody lazy!! If any criticism abounds, be forewarned – it’s my retirement and I can do what I please. So there!! Besides, I now feel as if I’m keeping Nat company on those quiet Sunday afternoons by actually staying in the living room and not bouncing back and forth to the office.

With the arrival of Friday, we were running out of things to get up to. We decided to do a couple of errands and pick up a few grocery items before lunch and by the afternoon Nat was getting antsy, so he wandered around the Canadian Tire Store just to get out. Our store in Fort Erie is going through some renovations and up-dating, as is our local Wal-Mart so I’m thinking this little area is slowly being dragged into the 21st Century. The Wal-Mart has been going through extensive renovations this past year and every time one enters the store there’s always something new up and something old covered with tarp and being changed. It seems like the Fort Erie store is going to be a “full service” outlet, with not only household, clothing and hardware items, but also a full-fledged grocery store. I don’t suppose Nat and I will ever shop there, as we believe in supporting our local businesses whenever possible, but I’m thinking at the same time if the price is right we may be tempted at times. It seems that every little penny we can keep to ourselves these days is a must.

The weekend now upon us – not that that means anything, as everyday is the weekend – I decided to get laundry done a day early. Susan was having everyone over Sunday morning for a joint birthday party for each of Felicia (16th) and Bridget (13th) and I knew by the time we arrived home the day would be half gone. We had also decided to rent a movie for the evening – Solitary Man – which turned out to be a bit of a sleeper and disappointing to say the least. Michael Douglas played the lead role of a car salesman who was trying to recover from a fraud he’d committed, along with having possible heart problems, but all the while pursuing the ladies. Young and younger, his eyes wandered every which way but, despite the fact that it was a well-scripted movie, the plot left you high and dray. Even the ending was very, very disappointing – there wasn’t one – and thus the “high and dry” bit. Oh well, hockey will soon be upon us and our Saturday night television viewing will be exciting once more!!

Sunday morning saw us at Tom and Susan’s for their two daughters’ birthdays. Karly, Lucas and their Mom showed up with the latest addition to their family – a Shichon puppy (a cross between a Shitzu and Bichon Frise) only 6 weeks old – which soon became the centre of attention. Cute and cuddly “Zoe” made her rounds from lap to lap and arms to arms being stroked, petted, cuddled and kissed all the while looking as if she just wanted to sleep. It was apparent that Karly now had a new best friend and you could see the smile in her eyes as that little ball of brown and white fluff cuddled in the blanket on her lap. Inbetween the new puppy being passed around, Felicia and Bridget were able to open their gifts and have their requisite pictures taken by their Mom, Susan. As the two girls are now getting older it seems like money tops their wish lists, and it seems their wishes came true. With only one gift each to actually open (from Papa Nat and Nana), there were plenty of envelopes stacked alongside that contained the ‘good’ stuff. Both girls seemed thrilled with their new-found fortunes and with that it was now ice cream cake time. Felicia also had a surprise in store for her guests as well. She invited her first boyfriend, Kyle, to join the festivities and with her quiet, demure way introduced her first love to the rest of the family. He seems like a nice lad and hopefully her Dad won’t give him too much flack. So with all the excitement over Nat and I headed home for another quiet and peaceful afternoon.

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