New Rubber On The Road Before Three Days Of Peace

Up and at ’em at 6:30 AM this morning!!!! Yep, the old gal that can just nicely drag her butt out of bed at 8:30 each morning, managed to somehow get up with the roosters and man did I get things done!!!! By 10:30 AM the laundry was done, the house was cleaned and I still had time to get ready for our trip this next week!! I’d do this more often, but then again why?? I think poor Nat, who’s a regular early riser, would be thrown a curve ball and wouldn’t know what to think. I’ll leave him for now to have his quiet morning reflections without me!! For some reason something woke me up early and as Nat was off and out the door to another golf tournament by 6:00 AM, I decided ‘what the hell’ might as well get up, get things done early and then we’ll have time this afternoon to read the paper, do crosswords and relax before heading into St. Catharines to the Irwins’ for a small get-together. Haven’t seen anyone on my side of the fence in sometime and I’m looking forward to seeing those that show up, and get caught up on news.

We’re leaving for a three day trip to Corning, New York this week and am so looking forward to the get-away. We’ve not travelled anywhere in over three years and we both miss the excitement of a trip and the change of scenery. We’re also seriously making plans for England and Scotland in 2011 as Nat is anxious to see his sister and her family and do some touring again. With the get-away this week we’re doing a small side trip to Walden Galleria Mall for a quick look around, have some lunch and then head down to Corning. We plan to visit the Corning Museum of Glass, wander around the town and maybe do a side trip or two. The beauty of this – nothing is etched in stone and we can do as we please. With our lives being so boring lately it’s about time we found something new and exciting to get up to and the change of scenery should do us a world of good.

Nat especially needs some time away – even though it should be without me. He’s worked so hard around the house getting the back yard in some sort of order, the rain barrel set up, the shed built, the new maple trees seen to, the sump pump room cleaned up, and so much more. Before leaving, however, we had to dig deep into our pockets in order to get new tires for the Van and boy, did that hurt!! These are the first new set of tires for the Van since we purchased it, and it’s obvious the price of rubber has gone up!!! It’s one of those expenses you have to do but hate to. This time, however, we have to maintain the Van as best we can. That new vehicle we want so dearly is so far down on our “Wish List” it’s not funny. It’s now become a continuing battle to pick the “priorities” in where the money is spent. With many things needing done around here – update the kitchen, new windows, new patio, new patio doors, bedroom, dining room and office carpeting, back yard landscaping, etc. – we’re finding it overwhelming at times. We’re both impatient people – when we put our minds to something we want it done and done now – but have to reign ourselves in until the dollars are there. New tires are one of those items where your money is gone and you don’t necessarily see anything for it. Yes, you can stand and stare at those new tires, but let’s face it, they’re not exactly shiny and new looking, they only serve one purpose and at the price we paid I’d at least like to see a couple of diamonds around each one!!!


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