A Walk-A-Bout In Wainfleet

Lucas’ baseball team made it to the Ontario Championship tournament this weekend which was being held at Oakes Park. Their first opponents were from St. Thomas and gave our guys something to think about. When we arrived Friday afternoon the game was just getting underway and within the first inning, St. Thomas scored a run and managed to load the bases a couple of times. Lucas was on the mound and pitched his little heart out trying not to let them score again, as every parent hooted, hollered and shouted out his name “Take your time, Lucas”, “Hold ’em back buddy”, “Nice pitch, Lucas”, and so on. The second inning was soon upon us and our guys scored a run to tie the game. With each inning Mother Nature seemed to be blowing up a storm, as the wind speeds increased, hats blew off heads and the trees swayed to and fro. We could tell something was blowing in and it didn’t look good. Some parents, including me (Grandma), made a leisurely stroll to their vehicles and grabbed umbrellas knowing the inevitable was about to hit, but just didn’t know how hard. As soon as I returned to the field it began. The skies opened up, the winds howled and the downpour was upon us. Everyones’ umbrellas went up pop, pop, pop, chairs were swooped up, coolers and duffle bags were grabbed and the spectators ran for their vehicles. Nat and I managed to make it back to the van somewhat unscathed, but we were definitely wet, however none the worse for wear.

We sat in the van for ten minutes or so, waiting to see if the heavy rains would stop anytime soon. It did settle down a bit, but the parking lot and probably the field were now flooded. From our vantage point we could see the teams and their coaches huddled under trees plotting their next strategy – do they continue or not. Sadly, Nat and I had a couple of errands to do and headed home. We knew the game would continue, but wasn’t sure when, and asked Lucas’ mom to keep us up-to-date. If the Falcons did, in fact, win Friday’s games they would advance on Saturday, but alas we had made plans to go to the Marshville Heritage Festival and would have to miss those games too. We were advised later Friday night the games continued and our guys managed to squeak out a win to advance to Saturday, and on Saturday night Laura called again to let us know the team pulled out a couple more wins – they were now 4-0. Just to add another zinger to things, Nat was invited to play golf Sunday morning but hopefully the boys would advance to the very end and we’d try and catch that game.

With the arrival of Saturday morning so too came the cooler, fresher air and a good breeze – and I do mean a ‘good’ breeze. So refreshing after what seems to be a long hot summer for me. It made our trip to the Marshville Heritage Festival all the more enjoyable. We were able to walk about in comfort and as we had arrived early, able to miss the hordes of people gathered around each crafter’s tent. Saturday was also the day the antique car guys were showing off their wares, so Nat and I had a quick look around for dear brother-in-law, Bern, to see if he had any car to show off this year.  No sightings of he or the wee wifey, we meandered amongst the tents and exhibits to see where and how I could spend some money. This time, however, I had a mission. We have two granddaughters with birthdays in September – one turning ‘Sweet 16’ – and I knew I could find some funky earrings and/or bracelets for the two of them. I was successful on both counts and picked up a couple of great items for each and within budget. Plus with all things “Fall Fair” I had to buy a couple of candy apples before leaving. Having had a nice time and certainly a change of scenery, Nat and I headed home to get a few groceries and settle in for what was left of the afternoon.

Marshville always manages to wet my appetite for Balls Falls Arts & Craft Show and the Vineland show. It’s this time of year that I find exhilarating and invigorating. I also grab a few business cards from certain vendors exhibiting at Marshville to see if I can find them at either Balls Falls or Vineland. It’s nice to see things you’re possibly interested in, can give it a few weeks thought and then re-visit that crafter at their next showing. Plus I have to take a step back and put myself in check before making that impulse buy I’m so famous for. If I had my way (along with a few extra bucks) I’d be loading up the van with doodads, knick knacks and baubles I really don’t need and have no space for. Hmmm, I could store them in that box downstairs for when the times comes and I decide to ‘change’ things around this house!!

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