Taking The Bull By The Horns

If I was to post what Nat and I got up to these past couple of weeks I’d put you into such a deep sleep you’d probably miss your children growing up! However, having said that we did do one or two things that at least fulfilled a few lonely hours of our days, but I’ll post those separately. I now have to take the bull by the horns, as they say, and come up with ideas that will keep me occupied, out of trouble and just plain busy. So over the past few days with obvious ‘thinking time’ on my hands, I mulled over a few ideas of what I was pretty good at and could offer my services doing. Knowing that I had a few gadgets at my disposal and there were a few things I really enjoyed doing, I developed a few ideas and emailed family members with the following proposal:

Ladies & Daryl:

Not enough time in the day – too busy to even think – can’t be bothered – don’t even want to think about it – BUT still have every intention of doing that project some time!!!!

WELL, then be advised – I’ve nothing to do and could come to the rescue – and we all, know when my hands are idle my mind turns somersaults and goes crazy!! I’ve kind of exhausted everything I can change in this house of ours, the knick knacks and pictures, short of dressing up Nat and putting him in a boxed frame!!

So, before I do that, I’m wondering if any of you have something I can do??

We all know that every one of us should have those precious old family pictures copied onto some up-to-date format for posterity and back-up. The same goes for those old VHS movies, record albums, 45’s and tape cassettes.  God forbid that day comes and Mother Nature has a bad day!!!!!

Wouldn’t it also be nice to have those pictures or home movies copied onto DVD for inheritance sake. Each child could have a set of his or her own. This would also be your chance to get those record albums converted to digital format and you’ll be able to rock ‘n roll and reminisce to the oldies whenever you’re driving down the road in that big shiny new 2020 automobile!!!! (Yes, I realize the format will probably have changed by then, but play along, willya!!!!)

Now that I’ve got your attention, your ears have perked up and you’re saying “Hmmmmm, the possibilities are endless” – her’s a list of things I could get done for you:

– sort, organize and store any photographs that you have sitting in a box under your bed and cringe whenever you lift the bed skirt

– scan any old, new or not so new photographs and put them onto CDs or DVDs – together with (self-designed) case covers;

– record onto CD/DVD those old record albums – 45’s – tape cassettes – that are gathering dust in your basement – together with case covers;

– transfer any old movies on VHS format to CD/DVD – at least those that are old enough and not copy-protected.  I’ve been able to do all of my pre-1960 (and one or two more recent) movies (eg The Thin Man series, Casablanca, The Graduate and more);

– transfer any old home movies you have lying around on VHS format that you’d like put onto CD / DVD;

– will even get that book you’ve secretly written, published – or get a photo book published for a special gift or just for memory sake.

The only – and I do mean only  – cost to you would be for:

– any photo boxes – baskets or item you choose to use to store your photos;

– any CDs or DVDs used for each record album, tape cassette or compilation of 45’s;

– the actual cost of publishing your novel or photo book – in any format you choose – hard cover, soft cover, spiral bound, hard bound, etc.

I’m willing to come to your home, pick up whatever it is you want done, and get any special instructions before I proceed.  I’ll try to get any projects done in a timely manner and  request consent before any possible changes or problems arise.

I understand completely if none of you have anything for me to do. I realize too, that some of you may have some form of doing these projects yourself, but perhaps just don’t have the time.  But I would still not be offended if not asked.

PS to Daryl:- I’d be willing to do any of these projects for your Mom and Dad, if they wanted.  If they want a reference, you can refer them to Bonnie, as I’ve transferred some of her old movies and a record album for her.  Hoping, of course, she thinks I did a half decent job and am willing to vouch for me – but that’s her decision.

PS to Bonnie: I’m using you as a reference – hope you don’t mind.  I don’t want my feelings spared and understand that you should be honest with whomever asks you for your opinion.  Thanks!!

Anyway – give it some thought and you all know where and how to reach me. Plus remember it’s labour free – and we all know that’s a hard thing to find nowadays!!!

I’d bring you up-to-date on what’s new around here, but I think I’ve given that secret away!!!!!

Keep cool,

Love, Twila

I read and reread my composed email, not wanting to offend anyone or insult anyone’s intelligence that they couldn’t do any of these projects themselves, and with some intrepidness that I was doing the right thing – pushed the Send button. Well, within minutes and much to my surprise the old bell went off in the email program telling me ‘I had mail’. Someone was home and someone was ready, willing and able to have me do a job for them – Bonnie – and God bless her!! Plus Nat owes her a debt of gratitude, she’s saved him from being ‘box framed’. She’ll be first on the list and hopefully, if there are others, they’ll be added in order received.  Now, let’s just hope I didn’t get myself into something that I won’t be able to finish or is over my head. My family knows, however, that my head is so far into the clouds that it may be impossible for anything to reach, let alone “get over”. I can only do  my best.


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