It’s A Worrisome Thing From Both Sides

With Nat’s trigger thumb still driving him crazy, he’s managed to have one or two good golf games, but this past Wednesday wasn’t one of them. He’s been disappointed with his game this whole season and I’m thinking the practise range is in the back of his mind. Naturally while Nat’s at his game I’m in the office vetting through hundreds of photos taken by Susan while they were in Florida. She really got some good shots and it’s been difficult to delete some, but I finally narrowed them down to a manageable size and to ones that Nat and I will enjoy looking at over the years.

Thursday was quiet as Nat had to prepare for his tests at West Lincoln Hospital. One of the tests was a throat scope in order to see if they could find what was, in fact, making his stomach act up at times. He’s had this problem for so long and most Doctors he’s been to have assumed it was acid reflux, but Nat has always had his doubts and finally decided to get this test done to see if any final conclusions could be made. He also knew that he would be knocked out for these procedures and this was an easier way of coping with the whole thing. I could still see the worry in his face all of Thursday, and there was no way I was going to relieve his fears. No matter who you are, you’ll think about it and wish like hell it was all over.

We were up and out the door Friday by 8:45 am in order to arrive at West Lincoln in time for check-in at Day Surgery for 10:00. I was at a loss at first, as this was one of those extremely rare occasions where I was a “spouse of the patient” and not the actual one laying on a hospital bed, dressed in those gowns, hooked up to an I.V. and waiting to be wheeled down to the O.R. This was all new to me but I stayed with Nat whenever I was able and waited in the small waiting room for the hour and a half that he’d be gone. The waiting time was slow, but I prepared ahead and tucked my Nintendo DS, iPod and a magazine in a tote bag in order to keep me amused. Despite the fact that these procedures were done everyday and I knew he was in the best of hands, I still had those worrisome thoughts. I realized now what Nat and the rest of my family must have been thinking when the tide was turned, albeit I’m sure their worries had to have been greater. By the time 12:30 rolled around, I knew he would be out soon and waited in the hallway where I could watch the O.R. doors swing open and watch as his bed was being rolled down the hall. Once he arrived in recovery it was only a matter of a final blood pressure check, giving him a drink and cookie to make sure his throat was no longer frozen and then getting him dressed to go home. He felt good and the whole affair went better than he had anticipated. He was, however, just glad to have it all over with. He’ll now have to wait for September to get results, but from what we can tell there was nothing serious found.

Saturday morning arrived and having only a few items on our grocery list, we headed down to Valu-Mart. Nat had had a good sleep but we still decided to stay close to home. We ran a couple of errands in the afternoon – Canadian Tire for some golf tees that didn’t break and Wal-Mart for popcorn. After a huge debate with himself, Nat cut the lawn while I did some paperwork in the office and the rest of the day we spent sitting on the patio reading the paper and doing crosswords.


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