I Love Purple Ones, But Banana’s My Favourite

While Nat was washing the van on Sunday, I stayed indoors and baked a raisin loaf. In the afternoon after Nat had finished setting up the new rain barrel, we enjoyed the rest of the day doing crosswords and sucking on popsicles. I re-discovered those flavourful ice pops while looking for something cool and refreshing in the ice cream section of our local supermarket. My favourite ice cream flavour – chocolate – was nowhere to be found so I grabbed a box of popsicles and have become addicted all over again. Purple being my favourite, I was soon reminded of Banana-flavoured popsicles by my granddaughter when they were visiting Tuesday afternoon. Now I’ve got a hankering for Banana popsicles like you wouldn’t believe. Bridget said you can find them at your local Avondale Store, so I’m going to have to give it a try. Gosh, haven’t sucked on a Banana popsicle in over 30 years, and glad to hear they’re still around.

Thinking Monday morning would be my time to do some phone calling – Bell Canada to see where in hell that $20.64 credit was that they owed us, our financial guy and then Sears Connect to downsize our cell phone plan – I was quickly reminded it was a holiday. No one was answering their phones, which gave me my first hint!! So I put my file folders aside and promptly got bored until lunch time. As Nat had finished mowing the lawn while I was suppose to be making those phone calls, his daily chores were done, too. We were contemplating our next move after our noon meal, when our old neighbours and friends, the Bartletts, called. They were going for an afternoon drive and wanted to stop in if we were home. “Please” was my reply, “we’d be more than glad to see you”. So within an hour, our afternoon was taken up enjoying good chit chat and as always, a couple of laughs.

Making a second attempt at my phone calls on Tuesday morning, I had accomplished my mission. That $20.64 owed to us by Bell would be sent to us within 4 to 5 weeks!!! I was a little furious when I heard that time span, after all Bell takes your money on the very day it’s owed, but Heaven forbid she return anything owing to her customers as fast!!! I understand our Bank account is now closed as far as they’re concerned, but they could have credited us in our account prior to closing out our final billing. Bell – too many people, too many departments and too few common sense thinkers!!! I wasn’t going to rattle any more cages, as I’ve rattled enough trying to close out all of our Bell accounts and was at least satisfied that the cheque was “in the mail”, or soon to be. I’ll wait for my response from Andy when he gets back from his cottage and the cell phone has also been downgraded to a lesser plan, as promised.

Business done and rest of afternoon to enjoy Susan, Felicia and Bridget who were on their way over for a pizza and wings lunch. Susan called the night before and said they’d love to come over as we’d not seen them since their return from Florida a couple weeks ago. Upon their arrival we decided what pizza toppings to get and I promptly called our usual pizza guy that we know and love and have been using since our move to Ridgeway. Once Tony answered the phone and I placed my order, he said “You know we’re not open?”  “Oh God, Tony, I didn’t and I’m sorry”. “That’s okay, he replied, “we decided to open at 3:00 pm during the summer instead of 11:00 am because of slower business and the construction”. He continued, “but I’ll fix up your order just for you”. “I’ve got the oven on and just have to get a few toppings ready and you can pick up your pizza and wings in half an hour”. “I owe you one, Tony”, I said “and will make it up to you some time”. “A big kiss will do”, he laughed. God Bless my little Italian pizza guy! As Nat and Susan were getting ready to drive down the road to pick up the order I grabbed some cookies from the freezer and told Nat to give them to Tony when he got there. Lucky for me the cookies were Oatmeal and Tony gave Nat the “thumbs up”. Try and do that in any big city pizzeria!! Susan was even kind enough to let Tony know that she enjoyed his pizza and wings when they were over for Nat’s birthday and again, at the garage sale she held in our driveway. She, too, gave  him a big thanks!! We love ya, Tony.

The girls were anxious to show Papa Nat and Nana the goodies they bought during their trip to Florida. Both girls continue to add to their lapel/stick pin collections and even brought Nana home one for my collection. Bridget looks like she’s going to be the shopper in the family. Along with clothes and stuffed animals her goodie bag was filled with stick pins and a pair of drum sticks by Aerosmith, of whom she’s into quite heavily!! Bridget’s rock ‘n roll, while her Mom is Country and older sister, Felicia, is pretty much the rest!! A great variety of music, I’d say. Susan had also managed to get their pictures copied onto a flex drive so I could transfer copies onto our computer for later viewing. She manages to take thousands of pictures and thanks to the computer age, flex drives, CDs and the like, it’s so much easier for her to manage their ever-expanding photo collection. The whole trip to Florida sounded like it was great fun and, as usual, most of the time was spent in water. Tom and his two daughters enjoy swimming immensely and Florida is certainly the place to go for that. They enjoyed Universal Studios, the beaches of Clearwater and the rides and activities at Disney World despite the extremely hot heat and a small sunburn or two. While listening to their stories and looking at the goodies, we all sucked on popsicles and munched on homemade cookies, and before we knew it a couple of hours had passed. After a great visit the three girls were off and down the road to our local Wal-Mart before heading home. Naturally, I immediately had to add my new stick pin to my collection and I was quickly reminded how fast the little display case Nat built for me a few years back is filling up.

A Nice Collection, So Far

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