He’s Finally Gone Batty!

Another Wednesday afternoon. Nat’s golfing and I’m working in the office. As Susan had left me with copies of all of her pics from Florida, I was taking time to peruse them and delete some duplicates she took, along with those I didn’t think we’d want. I enjoy looking at Susan’s photos as she’s constantly getting shots of her hubby and two gorgeous daughters having a great time in any kind of water situation. Tom enjoys his two girls and it shows. It’s just a shame that Susan’s the family photographer and only gets into a few shots when someone else is available.

When Nat called to say he was on his way home, I got the steaks ready for the BBQ, along with corn-on-the-cob. Such a hot day we didn’t want to turn on the oven and Nat likes to do both food items on the grill. He arrives home, all sweaty from playing 9 holes of golf in sweltering heat and lights up the BBQ. As he’s getting ready to flip the switch he notices 3 little bats fly by. In and around the patio they flew and one of them landed on the fence. He called me to come take a look and we were both extremely surprised and somewhat amazed. Where in Heaven’s name did they come from?? We watched as the bat stuck to the fence and then suddenly decided to fly off. He flew in and around the umbrella that was giving Nat shade while cooking and Nat had to raise his hand to flag the little critter away a couple of times. I ran for the fly swatter – thinking Nat would at least have some sort of weapon should this black pest decide to land – but by the time I returned to the patio the black bat had flown the coup. Whew!!! That was close!! Almost had bat on the grill!!!

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