“We’re Out The Back”

With one final nail, the shed is now complete. Nat finished closing the perimeter of the shed on Thursday, as our little bunny rabbit sat nearby watching as his home was now condemned. We know he’s moved and has forgiven us, as he’s still hanging around the base of the bird feeder and keeping the doves and chipmunks company as they nibble away at leftover goodies from the birds. Sometimes we think it’s a veritable buffet in the backyard as dozens of little chickadees, several doves, a couple of chipmunk and the rabbit hang around feeding ’til their hearts’ content. While Nat was finishing off the shed I baked up a couple batches of cookies from the dough that was mixed the night before. The freezer is getting a bit barren and as Thursday was much cooler I felt I could turn on the oven and not heat up the place too much. I took advantage of the same thing on Friday and stuck a couple loaves of bread in the oven as well. As we both finished early we took time out to relax on the patio reading a book and the paper while watching the menagerie around the feeder. It was a wonderful way of closing off a productive day.

We were up and at ’em on Friday morning. Both of us had blood work to get done and headed down to the Lab early to get back in time for the drapery guy coming to give us an estimate at 10:00 o’clock or so. To our surprise he arrived early and give us some good ideas, along with his quote – cough!! cough!!! Neither one of us have had to buy drapes in quite some time and it was a bit of a shock to say the least – especially because we’re only ordering panels, as opposed to full-on drapes. We looked into each other’s eyes as if to read each other’s mind – “let’s just do it“. With that, the order was written up, the deposit paid and our drapery guy was on his way home. We both remarked later that this was one thing we wanted to get done and that would now complete the living room decor. We’re loving the blinds we’ve installed and drapery panels would just finish the whole look. The deed is done and now we wait for a month until our order comes in.

As soon as our drapery guy was heading down the road, Jason, our lawn guy came by. Another dose of weed killer and some fertilizer before the Fall arrives. We’re thinking the weed killer is a waste of time, money and effort. With each visit Jason has had to kill just as many weeds as before. We swear that as soon as he hops in his truck and heads down the road to his next call, the weeds pop their ugly little heads up from the ground and taunt us all over again. This lawn has been a mess from day one and it’s going to take more that a gazillion doses of weed killer to clean it up. Having said that, buying new soil and sod will take a heap of cash and our money jar is empty. As Jason left it was lunch time and Nat was now in the middle of attaching a diverter to the eaves down pipe for the rain barrel, and I was in the middle of bread making. We broke for lunch and then continued on with the tasks at hand. During lunch we noticed our little chipmunk playing around the shed, one door of which was left open while Nat was working around the yard. Suddenly he scurries around the front of the shed and it looked as if he’d gone indoors. I wandered down the way and checked around inside. Not spotting anything and knowing the little guy can hide in the smallest of places, I moved the lawn mower and gave the fertilizer bucket a jiggle. Nat soon peeked his head inside and noticed the little guy was cowering in the corner. We had to stomp on the shed floor to get the little guy to scurry back outdoors and with one or two jumps he was off and out the door faster than a gust of wind. He took cover under the shrubbery around the creek and Nat closed the door to prevent our little furry friend from returning and setting up house. By mid-afternoon the rest of the day was ours’ and we finished off the day, again, on the patio enjoying a beautiful breeze, a couple of popsicles, the paper and a good book.

This morning (Saturday) we wandered uptown to check out Dozer Days being held by the local merchants of Ridgeway and the contractors redoing the downtown roads and curbs. We had a look around the market and Nat found his Scottish pies that he loves, along with freshly picked blueberries. We then headed over to the Post Office to pick up my latest (Blog-Diary) edition from Lulu Publishing and walked past the display of dump trucks, bulldozers and caterpillars. The contractors who were working so diligently on the Town’s new roads were letting the little ones climb up into the cabs of the machinery and play with the air horns while having their pictures taken by Mom or Dad. It was evident the air horn on the dump truck was a huge hit as each little boy and girl gave it a whirl and had a great giggle. It looked as if the contractors were having just as much fun as the kids, and we both thought this was a brilliant idea on behalf of the merchants to keep the local cottagers and residents coming to their shops and the marketplace during a very lengthy resurfacing project.

Once our errands were done downtown we then headed into Niagara Falls. As our trip to Corning, New York is fast approaching we wanted to get a Trip Tik from CAA just as an added bonus. We were also in dire need of up-dated maps and took time out to browse their offices for the latest and greatest. With the Trip Tik ordered, we grabbed a few groceries, gassed up and headed home, for another afternoon on that old back patio we’re enjoying so much. Also seriously thinking that our next project will be making that patio bigger by extending it out towards the back lawn. That way Nat has less to mow and we’ve got more room for sittin’ a spell!!!

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