Clickety, Clack, Clickety, Clack- You’re Driving Me Crazy

While Nat was working away on the ramp to his shed on Tuesday, I remained indoors and was getting caught up on some office work. Getting closer to the end of the month I like to get certain accounts ready to pay online and organize our next month’s expense chart. I’ve gotten into a routine where I can get each month’s expenses organized and give us a pretty good idea of our final bottom line. We then have a guide to go by whenever that “little extra” unexpected thing pops up, and it’s been working exceptionally well.

I’m on our bank’s web site, have paid the three accounts needed and naturally wanted a printout for our records. Suddenly the printer goes “offline” and disappears from our computer. Whoooowww, where’d that come from??? As I’m trying to figure out what happened, suddenly our back-up hard drive icon disappears from the computer’s desktop. Again, where’d that come from – or better yet, where in hell did it go??? As the hard drive has been making some clickety, clack noises of late I wasn’t too sure what was going on and had every intention of looking into it. The computer is backed-up every half hour and I was beginning to wonder if the hard drive was getting full, but knew if that was the case it would notify me whenever files were about to be deleted, and I’ve received no such pop-up window to date. Hmmmm, I was now perplexed and frustrated. The clickety, clack continues periodically and is now driving me crazy, along with wondering what the hell happened to the printer.

Good old Google – type in whatever the problem is and someone somewhere in this big beautiful world, has had the same problem. It took me a few minutes to browse the various pages that popped up for a printer going offline and I did everything recommended, but still wasn’t getting any results. I also did a search for the clickety, clack hard drive noise and again, did what was recommended or tried, but with no results. Not wanting to do anything too drastic I stuck to what I knew might work without possibly loosing any files. Now getting a little miffed, hot under the collar and sweaty from bending under the desk to reach plugs to pull out and then back in, I began to think my usual thought – “just shut ‘er down” and start over. With that thought in mind I powered down the computer, the hard drive and even our wireless mouse – waited 30 seconds – and powered up the whole shebang. Voila!!! We had lift off. Suddenly everything was back to where it was – the printer was back, the hard drive icon appeared on the desktop, but alas, was still clickety, clacking away. I could stand the noise as long as I had the two pieces of hardware running. I’ll have to check online at the hard drive manufacturer’s web site to see what else could be wrong, but at least we were up and working again.

What happened with the printer going offline is a puzzle. Some people online had some explanations – especially for HP Printers – but never having had this problem before on a Mac, I remain baffled. I’ll continue to do some research regarding the external hard drive, along with possibly deleting old back-up files in case it’s overloaded, and try to put up with the clickety, clack as long as it stays up and running. I at least know what to do if it happens again, just shut ‘er down!!

With things back up and running somewhat to my satisfaction, Nat and I headed into Niagara Falls that night for Lucas’ ball game. We arrived at the usual venue – Oakes Park – but alas no one we knew could be found. Oakes was full of other baseball teams warming up, so we hopped back in the Van and called Laura. She informed us that she did, in fact, email us earlier to advise that it had been changed to Ker Park because it would be a “double header”. I shook my head “No”. I was in the office all afternoon and no emails were received – no little number popped up on the icon to let me know and thus I never opened our mail at all. No big deal, we were at least just down the road and would arrive a couple minutes late. We enjoyed the game – Lucas’ team won – and headed home prior to the next game. I turned on the computer, opened Mail and 5 emails popped up, including Laura’s. I could only speculate that during the hullabaloo of loosing the printer and the hard drive acting up, that somehow the emails were screwed up as well. In the end, we had at least received them and no harm was done. Good God, though, had me baffled!!!!

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