Before And After The Races

Prior to going to the race track on Sunday we managed to fulfill our days doing odd chores around the house. Nat continued to work on getting the base to his shed filled in, with our little bunny rabbit watching in anticipation of where he was going to move to, and I stayed in out of the heat and humidity.

Thursday morning Bonnie and I headed over to the Fashion Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls. Bonnie’s not been there in sometime and it would give us a change of pace from our usual shopping haunts. We had a great time and I found a few summer tops to lift my spirits. Being retired I really have no excuse to buy new clothes every month and when I do get a chance to buy one or two items I walk away feeling renewed, revived and perkier. That’s just the way I am!! After browsing the shops we broke for lunch and drove down the road to the Wendy’s and Tim Horton combo restaurant on McLeod Road where we enjoyed our lunch and a bit of chitter chatter. I enjoy Bonnie’s company and she gets me caught up on as much news from St. Catharines as she can. Once back at the Outlet Mall we parted ways and headed home. While we gals were shopping Nat finished the flooring to his shed and managed to empty the garage of items he could now store. He also managed to get the new rain barrel placed along the garden and was pleased with his accomplishments, despite the warm weather.

Saturday morning we headed into St. Catharines. As Claudia and Darby were taking another trip to Disney World at the end of July to celebrate (Claudia and) Tyler’s birthday, we wanted to wish them bon voyage and also deliver our birthday card for Claudia. We’d send Tyler an E-Card when it got closer to his actual birthday. We were a tad early and aroused them from their weekend lay-in, but still had a nice, albeit short, visit. We then headed over to the bakery for our usual stocking-up of kaisers and then to Costco for a couple of items only because we were in town and it would save us a trip later. Our final errand was back to Niagara Falls for groceries, along with a roast chicken for a quick, no fuss supper, and then home.

Later Saturday evening as we were enjoying a couple of movies we rented, thunder began to rear its ugly head. It didn’t last long, but with one good clap the outside kitchen wall vibrated enough to drop a picture from its hook. Sitting in our easy chairs we heard the crack, bang, thud and shattering of glass. Walking into the kitchen it was obvious what had happened, and it didn’t take us long to clean up the mess. The frame had managed to contain most of the shattered glass, so we retrieved the picture, dumped the glass and promptly returned to our cozy chairs. We’ve been lucky so far using those 3M picture hooks that don’t damage the walls, are easy to hang up and more importantly, remove. This was one picture where the wrong type of hook was used, and it obviously came back to bite us. Easily replaced and lesson learned.

On Monday (after our exciting day at the races), we decided to check out a drapery and fabric store that advertised in one of our local papers – Olivers Drapery – in Welland. We weren’t too sure what to expect and upon arrival our first impressions were a little iffy. The store front and design could use a little updating, but once we entered the front door we were pleasantly surprised at the stock-on-hand and the assistance we received. We booked an appointment for their drapery guy to give us a house call and then selected a few sample books to take home prior to his arrival on Friday. This is one chore neither Nat nor I are looking forward to, but we both acknowledge that the living room windows now need a little something extra besides just the pull-down blinds. We’re both ignorant about colour, pattern and fabric choices but know what we like and what we can live with. The sample books that we took home are now turning out to be of great help as we an appreciate the “look” of each swatch in our own setting. Looking at swatches of fabric in a store is never the same as when you get home, and we’re now able to narrow our selection down to a few favourites. Once Gary arrives on Friday we’ll then be able to get further assistance and advice, and hopefully finalize our living room decor.

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