This One’s Too Expensive, This One’s Not Bad, But This One’s Just Right!

Received my new cell phone on Tuesday. Naturally, I had to play with the damn thing most of Wednesday – but what the hell, it was hot and I wasn’t going anywhere. Too bad I don’t have anyone to text with, as the inexpensive plan I chose includes such capabilities. Don’t know why I’m concerned about such things, as I don’t really even use the phone that much, but Nat and I felt it would be a safety mechanism whenever I was away from him (eg shopping with Bonnie or on my own), and we were saving money from our previous cell phone with this new carrier (Sears Connect).

As Tuesday was another sweltering day we stayed close to home and indoors. Getting a little antsy come noon hour, we decided to hop in the van, crank up the air and head over to the Rona store in Welland. Nat was looking for rubberized flooring for his new shed and wanted to check out prices. We soon found what he was looking for and their selection and quality was good, but after calculating the money we’ve spent so far on this little shack out back, we decided the Rona prices were too expensive. We then headed next door to the Canadian Tire Store where the selection was just as good but, again, the prices were just a little bit more than what we wanted to spend, albeit they were going in the right direction (downwards). We had a bit of a look around, as usual, before then deciding to try next door again at Wal-Mart. It’s so nice having those three particular stores all lined up in one huge row allowing we consumers to comparison shop with certain items. Today was one of those days where we were looking for something that all three stores carried and afforded us such an opportunity. Needless to say Wal-Mart had a half decent rubberized flooring that would suit Nat’s needs and at a more reasonable price – albeit not the quality that other two stores carried. We weren’t really concerned about top quality at this point as we knew the shed wouldn’t get the abuse that most family sheds would. So we grabbed enough rolls to cover the square footage we needed, had a look around and discovered the cases of pop were on sale, grabbed a half dozen gingerale and headed home. High heat and low prices – a good balance, I think.

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