This Bunny Club Is Closed

Now that the shed is 99% complete, Nat was up and at ’em this morning and was well on his way to attaching the doors by the time I even considered crawling out of bed! Once I peeked out the door to see how it was going he enlisted my help to finally attach the doors to their hinges and hammer the pins in. He only had to complete the fascia covers and job done. Naturally, because of the heat and my interruptions with the water bottle to keep him hydrated, the whole process took him to early afternoon. Clean-up was relatively easy and the rest of his day was spent getting caught up with the weekend crosswords.

During the whole process of erecting the shed and its base, our little bunny rabbit has been hanging about and from time to time would take shelter underneath the base where a crawl space exists for drainage (as the shed is sitting partially on low lying land). This little guy has been having a ball prancing around with the birds, squirrel and chipmunk as they pick away at scraps on the lawn that have fallen from the bird feeder. His favourite daytime spot is beneath our (still growing) maple tree where he’ll roll around in the soil and cool off from the sweltering heat. We can only assume that he’s been taking shelter at night under shed base where it’s dark and cool during construction and Nat’s had to dance around on the floor of the shed on occasion to make sure he’s out of there. Not wanting to encourage any nesting or home making, Nat’s had to block up any possible entrances around the perimeter of the shed to deter any and all creatures, especially skunks and raccoons, of which we’ve got a few. Our little fluffy rabbit has not been discouraged from this whole affair and continues to roam about the yard during the day and make merry with his other furry friends.

This afternoon I witnessed what may be this little guy’s dilemma in where to go for the night. Nat had now come in from completing this entire project and had jumped into the shower to wash away the sweat and dust accumulated from his hard work. As I have a tendency to do now and again, I peaked out the dining room window to check on the bird feeder and what to my surprise our little furry friend was poking about the base of the shed looking for someway or somehow to crawl under or through any opening he could find. I could see his little nose sniffing about and his head was bobbing and weaving checking for any passageway under the shed he could find. Now and again he’d take a little break, sit and chew on some grass, and then go at it again. Suddenly he stopped, stood on his hind legs right in front of the door and bobbed his little front legs as if to say “Please! Let me in”. The little guy was now breaking my heart. Finally he gave up realizing that his little bunny club was closed and would now have to find greener pastures for his night time activities. I’m hoping he’s successful in finding good shelter – especially from the hawks that continue to haunt the skies above – and is able to keep safe and cool. Goodnight Mr. Bunny Rabbit wherever you are!!

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