Okay, But Only If They’ve Got Air!!

This past week was unbearable. The heat was exhausting and relentless. As a consequence Nat and I laid low and tried our best to stay indoors to enjoy the constant humming of the air-conditioning. Why not, we’re paying for hydro that it’s sucking up!! So Tuesday was a write-off, except Nat put up the new bird feeder we purchased at Lee Valley.

Wednesday was Nat’s usual golf day and I had no idea how his foursome was going to survive. I did my usual mucking about in the office, checking out the new Safari Reader and other goodies I read about in the July issue of MacWorld Magazine that I’m enjoying immensely. Once Nat called to say he was on his way home I began getting the burgers ready for the BBQ. Within twenty minutes he walked in the door, soaking wet and exhausted. Even Bill, his partner, struggled to complete the ninth (and final) hole, and he drives a cart! Despite the heat, however, Nat at least managed to have a half decent game. I knew in my heart he’d be asleep in his chair by 7:00 pm. I wasn’t far off – it was just after 7:30.

One other thing I managed to get done while Nat was playing golf, was to finally order a new cell phone from Sears Connect, along with subscribing to one of their packages. It’s a pretty neat deal with a variety of phones and packages and you’re able to order by calling their 1-800 number. Once your order is complete, your new phone arrives in the mail along with instruction manual, etc. We struggled to decide whether to get another cell phone after we cancelled our contract with Bell Mobility, but Nat felt it was a necessity for me for those times I’m out and about with Bonnie and I’m without the van (which has OnStar). Plus Sears Connect had a far cheaper package than Bell. I didn’t need a lot of convincing, being the gadget gal that I am, so I picked out their cheapest package ($14.95 a month), chose a phone (for free) and it should arrive in the mail within the next week. As cell phones have made major strides in the three years that we’ve had our first one, I was able to select a phone that had a QWERTY keyboard and the package I chose also allowed me to do some text messaging. Bonus!! I also took advantage of a current promotion (what were the odds!!!) and ordered a bluetooth headset, cover and charger. Things I would’ve needed eventually, right!!!!

Thursday morning Nat and I lulled around. We had discussed the night before what we’d get up to, and had decided to use a couple of gift certificates to the Mandarin (received on Father’s Day), do the lunch thing and then head into St. Catharines and Costco where we knew we’d drop quite a few bucks. Again, the heat was unbearable, but we enjoyed a fabulous meal, as always, and didn’t spend as much as I thought at Costco. We were at least now well-stocked and our weekly grocery list was wiped out, thereby saving us a trip to our local markets on Saturday. We were keeping Saturday in mind to finally begin assembling the shed that’s become so dear to Nat’s heart!! On the way home I remarked to Nat that I was willing to bet there’d be a message on the answering machine from Better Shade saying that the living room blind was now ready to be picked up. I wasn’t wrong. The message light was blinking as soon as we walked in the door. Go figure!!! Oh well, we decided the blind would have to wait for us, after all we had to wait for it. We’d pick it up maybe on Monday.

Having said that, Friday brought the rains. Off and on, off and on. One of those days where you can’t do too much of anything. So, looking at each other from across the table at lunch, we decided to head back into St. Catharines and pick up that blind. We also figured we could take a few minutes and head over to Home Outfitters and see what kind of selection they had in drapery panels. Naturally, there wasn’t much that peaked our interest and decided to head home. We were back in the cool air after a long and hot ride home (direct sun beaming into my side of the van) and realized we had at least accomplished something on a hot, rainy day. The balance of the day was spent relaxing. We knew we’d be in for a busy Saturday!!


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