We’ve Got 4 Of These, None Of Those And Need 2 of Them. Forget It, You Figure It Out!

Sunday was just hot. A little hotter than Saturday and wasn’t going to be as hot as Monday, but it was just hot. At least there was a cool breeze blowing every now and then, but you had to “catch the wave” whenever you could feel it coming in, and that was a real trick! Nat had told himself on Friday past that he was going to take stock on Sunday of each and every piece of his new shed that was now piled in a corner of the garage. The base was ready and he wanted to get organized so the two of us could assemble that sucker lickety split!! If you know the two of us at all, and have read previous blog posts, you’ll know when we get together to assemble something (e.g. Ikea furniture), it’s an adventure in missing pieces, frustration and loud words on both sides. We do, however, manage to get things assembled in the end but if you’re within range it’s not a pretty site. So I decided to stay out of his way for an hour or so and did my usual couple loads of laundry. I felt confident enough to join him once the laundry was done and by this time he had the panels and roof pieces scattered across the garage floor in their respective piles. He looked to be in good order.

As soon as I stepped through that door, things went from good to bad. With every good intention I thought I’d behave myself, let him read the manual and list of items and I would be his second pair of eyes to look for labels on side panels, door pieces, window and roof pieces. Nope. Didn’t happen. Couldn’t keep my mouth shut. As soon as he began to think a couple of panels had been mixed up and we may be missing 2 pieces, I confused him up by making him believe that he was, in fact, wrong. Those missing pieces were already connected to other pieces. We checked and we checked and we checked. At one point he was right, at one point he was thinking I was right and in the end we were so confused we had to start disassembling some pieces that were already connected to others in order to read the bloody label number. As we were getting deeper into things, I ran to the office, grabbed a pad of Post-It Notes and wrote the numbers down for each pile and which piece number they were. I soon began to get hot – the garage at this point was stifling, even with the door open – and I could see that I was confusing my poor husband to no end. He was doing just fine until I stepped in. Taking a big hint, I retreated indoors to cool down in the air-conditioning and take a deep breath. I had to give Nat time to get things organized again in his head and once I returned we soon came to the conclusion that 2 right-side panels were missing but 4 left-side panels shipped. Confusing yes, but without getting into too many boring details, we’re hoping that we can make the wrong panels work. The Post-It Notes helped somewhat. He didn’t have to bend over, twist and turn each panel to find their respective numbers and was able to carry on a bit faster than when he first started.

The temperature in the garage was rising with each passing minute and the garage floor by 2:30 or so was now laden with vinyl panels, and bits and bobs of other pieces. We decided to give it up for the day. The panels were now all accounted for (or not accounted for) and the only things left were those little bags of nuts, bolts and odds ‘n sods that accompany every “some assembly required” item. We were going to put our entire faith in the shed manufacture that those little goody bags were in order. At this point we couldn’t have cared less what those bloody little bags contained, we had to quit and leave for cooler pastures.

Nat is now anxious to get this whole affair behind him. He keeps insisting that he’s going to get an early start Tuesday morning despite the heat wave that has descended upon the Province. We decided to take Monday off, head over to Burlington to Lee Valley and Ikea. We had a couple of items we wanted to check out a Lee Valley and I wanted a walk-about at Ikea. We emailed Bonnie and she was glad to come along for the ride. Having never been to Lee Valley she was anxious to check it out and had an item on her “To Get” list to see if it was available. I was hoping that by taking a day off, Nat would have a chance to step back from his project and get a fresh start, albeit not in this heat. We’ll only have to wait and see what he decides.

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