Geez Lady, At That Price I’m Giving Them Away!

Friday morning saw Nat outside finishing off the base for his new shed. With him spending a good portion outside, I spent a good portion in.  Being a near perfect day we knew we had to take advantage of the cooler temps, before that bloody heat wave moved in on Sunday. We both began our respective tasks in the morning, broke for a nice lunch on the patio, and then finished off by mid-afternoon. It’s been a real struggle for Nat, getting this base squared and levelled with the crappy ground it’s sitting on, but he managed the best he could and is now finally ready to assemble the actual building this next week. We both went to bed tired but satisfied with our day’s work.

Saturday morning we were up by 6:00 AM. Nat was off to a golf game and I was setting up for the onslaught of people that were going to attend my garage sale. Bonnie was joining me and arrived after 7:30 with a car load of good stuff. The garage sale idea was on short notice and therefore I had no chance to get an Ad in the local paper. I truly felt that living on a busy road like Dominion, we’d have plenty of passersby that would see my little sign, stop and meander around our driveway to decide on which and what goodies to buy. I wasn’t too far off the mark. The early birds that usually follow the Ads in the local paper didn’t show, but it wasn’t long before a couple of cars stepped on their brakes as soon as they spotted the signs posted on the telephone pole. The rest of the morning saw intermittent shoppers drop by on their way to the beach, to the shops or even the Friendship Festival. A few walked about to be nosy, a few walked about with good intentions, while others walked about and actually purchased an item or two.

Keeping watch over our little driveway shop, Bonnie and I sat in lawn chairs in the shade of the garage and got caught up on news and other girl talk. As the sun moved about across the sky, we’d shift our chairs closer and closer to the edge of the garage floor to follow the shade and get even closer to the goodies that we now sitting in full sun and getting hotter by the minute. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking I should have posted a big huge sign at the end of the drive “HOT GOODS FOR SALE!”  I’m sure that would’ve driven the folks in!!!

Nat and I had fixed sandwiches the night before. He made one for his golf game, while I made a lunch up for Bonnie and me consisting of salmon sandwiches, potato chips and cookies for dessert. When the time came we managed to eat our lunch in relative peace and quiet, while at the same time looking over the three tables lining the driveway and realizing we had, by that time, managed to sell a few items and at least now had a few extra dollars in our pockets. As the day wore on we began to think that this may be it for the day and contemplated closing up shop. It was soon after that a little grey-haired lady showed up, had a nice little walk around and spotted the ice skates that sat beside the unsold patio chairs with cushions. These ice skates have now seen three garage sales but no takers. Being in really good shape and hardly a scratch on them, I felt I could at least get $15.00 for them. I also knew that someone might barter me down and offer half price, which I’d deal with at the time.  After paying for a couple of small items, she looked at the skates, looked at the price and asked what I’d take for them. I told her I was looking for $15.00 but to make me an offer. She then remarked that she’d only been on skates once before years and years ago and would I take $4.00 for them. I’m looking at her thinking ‘geez lady, at that price I’m giving them away’, but I knew in my heart of hearts that there’d be no more takers that day and hung my head and said “Yes”. With that, she handed me her two Toonies, smiled and said thanks. I turned to Bonnie and she knew right away that that dear sweet little grey-haired lady walked off with a great deal. At this point I’m now thinking this little lady was probably  a professional figure skater in her day!!!! But who am I to judge, I’d at least sold the skates I knew I’d never use. I had also managed to sell a vacuum cleaner needing a new drive belt, a couple boxes of frames, a 4-drawer and 6-drawer organizer, some CD desk containers, used door knobs and a few smaller bits and bobs that I’d no longer have to store. Bonnie had also managed to reduce her load a little bit, but we planned to have another sale in order that Gail and Beth could join in and she could try and sell some larger items she’d left at home.

We closed up shop just after 1:00 and went indoors to enjoy the cool of the house. We then found some things on the computer to look at and it was shortly thereafter Nat was on his way home from his round of golf. He, too, felt he had been taken at Oaklands Golf Club. Apparently the rates were exceedingly more than this foursome had expected for a Saturday and a not-so-good condition golf course. He did, however, have a nice day out with the boys away from the garage sale in his driveway and the two women conducting it.

Having taken sweet bippy out of the freezer for supper, Nat and I headed down the road to Green Acres for fish ‘n chips, and retired for the rest of the evening to our respective easy chairs. A long day, a productive day and a day where I was $80.00 closer to that new iPad. Hey, every little bit counts!!!!!

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