Candy Apples, Canadian Pork And Canada Day

After living in this area for close to three years, Nat and I finally wandered down to the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie. Nat had made good headway on the base for his shed and we decided to take some time off after lunch. We managed to find a pretty good parking spot along the Parkway but still had to walk about 10 minutes down to the actual Festival. We were pleasantly surprised. Lots to see and lots to do, including a great little 10 or 12 year old singer with a band playing under the tent in the Kids Zone. We checked out the craft tents, the food vendors, and artists that lined in and around the park area. I’m assuming because it was still early in the afternoon (just after 12:00 noon) the crowds hadn’t begun to gather. We were able to walk about in relative ease and not have to poke our heads in and out of exhibitors to see what was there. I was able to find a pair of those elusive khakis capris with side pockets, that have been extremely hard to find in this area. A clothing vendor from Markham had  a huge tent and was selling all kinds of capris, T-Shirts, belts, hats and more and his prices were pretty good. I also managed to pick up a couple of Candy Apples that I so dearly love and are usually only available at Fall Fairs. I may have to take a second trip to the Festival and stock up before they close up shop on Monday.

Prior to leaving for the Festival, Nat continued on with the base of his shed and I ran a couple of errands in Fort Erie. Upon returning from the festivities, Nat managed to get his base done and we decided to put a couple of fabulous Canadian pork chops on the grill. The day was so perfect we couldn’t resist having a great meal on the patio. While the BBQ was being fired up I prepped the potatoes and veggies and within minutes the chops were on the grill and getting all tender and juicy. With the sun shining and a slight breeze blowing, we poured ourselves a glass of wine and enjoyed a beautiful meal on the deck. The finch and cardinal soon joined in at the bird feeder and our day was complete.

Prior to Canada Day (on Wednesday), Jason our lawn guy showed up. He finally received a supply of the new Weed ‘B Gone that had been approved by the Government. As our lawn is in pretty bad shape – weed wise – he knew it would take a couple of applications. Getting our entire lawn sprayed took him close to an hour and he said he’d be back within a few days to see how it went. Nat and I are just happy that there’s something out there that may work, and we’re putting a lot of faith in this product. Another one of those times where “we wait and we see”.

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