Famous Last Words!!!

As my days have been a little slow lately because of the heat, I’ve been meandering about the house wondering what kind of trouble I can get into. With the arrival of Tuesday and the much cooler air, my brain began to kick in and the ideas were swirling around in an almost dizzying pace. Nat was continuing on with his shed and making pretty good headway while I was indoors plotting some strategy.

Without a doubt I have no need for another computer or laptop. The old HP Laptop we have is still hanging in there and has been extremely useful in converting our record albums to CDs, but I’ve since reinstalled Windows XP and I’m now unable to get it up and running on my Apple Network. With the new Windows 7, any upgrades for XP are no longer available. Having said that, I’ve been looking for any excuse to buy an iPad. With everything I’ve heard from listening to my tech podcasts, the iPad sounds like something I could find a few uses for.  It’s Wi-Fi, a book reader, a web browser, a photo album, an emailer and has a gazillion apps available to download. In the deep winter months I can sit in my easy chair, surf the web, read a book, send an email and keep an eye on the hockey games while keeping Nat company. What more could anyone ask for??? Convenience at it’s best!!! I’ve said it before that with the invention of home computing I’ve become a techie and gadget nerd. Ergo, it stands to reason I’d want the latest and greatest – and I do. The iPad is not in the laptop category, but it’s an Apple product, is portable like a laptop, does a lot of laptop things, and the price is right. Not being able to afford, or even justify, a MacBook (Apple’s laptop), I’ve reasoned that the iPad is my compromise.

In order for me to afford or justify buying an iPad, I felt I should at least raise the funds on my own rather than dipping into our household budget money. If I were to dip into our household money I’d be depriving Nat of any funds he needs for household landscaping or upgrades that we’ve been wanting since moving into this new little home. I concluded the best way I could raise some quick cash would be to hold a garage sale, along with possibly selling a drop-leaf table that is worth a few dollars. With those two schemes, hopefully, I’d be halfway there and would still be able to put a buck here and a buck there aside for when the next generation iPad comes out in the Fall.

Never again, it’s just too much work, have been my famous last words spoken after each garage sale. Another year comes around and I soon find items that are no longer being used and before you know it I’m having another sale. Last year I was lucky, Susan had her main garage sale at our place and I just joined in with the few items I had. She has or had every intention of holding another one this year, but with their busy schedules and vacation time, I’m afraid the summer may be over before she gets around to it. I’ve thus concluded that if I want to get some money in hand, I’m going to have to hold my own sale. Besides, I want what I want and I want it now!!! In order to get what I want I’m going to have to do a bit of work for it – I’m the first to admit that.

Looking around the basement I soon found quite a few items that I could contribute to a garage sale. Bathroom and living room upgrades soon found more and more outdated items being stored downstairs and I began rummaging around and found enough things to sell. An old VCR, TV, lamps, storage containers, golf putters, vacuum, shower liner and tension bar were among a few of the items that are now being stored on our dining room table waiting for Saturday morn. I knew I may not have quite enough to spread along our 2-car driveway, so I invited the rest of my family to join in if they wanted. Bonnie was soon onboard and I knew we’d be in good shape. Anyone else joining in will be an added bonus. A bit short notice and no ad in the paper I’m hoping that enough customers will drive by, stop and drop a few bucks my way. After all it’s for a good cause – ME!!

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