So That’s Where The Lake Is!!

The boys managed to get a round of golf in Friday. Aside from their usual Wednesday Rangers‘ games, Nat, Bill and his sons like to play 18 holes at various courses around the area. This season, however, has been pretty bleak because of Bill’s back problems, along with some pretty iffy weather. Despite his crappy score, Nat was at least glad to get out and take a day off from setting his new shed up. As usual I hung out in the office getting caught up on some podcasts, blog postings and just plain goofing off. Otherwise a nice day for the two of us.

The new shed has been giving Nat a few problems. Before erecting the actual structure, he has to build a proper base and not being able to afford a concrete one being poured, Nat’s trying his damnedest to level off the frame on very uneven ground. With the weather being extremely unpredictable (rain off and on) it’s taken him over a couple of weeks to just get 2 corners done. The weather man has hopefully given him some good news for the rest of this week, with some cooler days and no rain in the forecast at all. It remains to be seen whether Mother Nature will co-operate and not turn the weather man into a liar. Stranger things have happened!!

Again with the rains predicted for Saturday afternoon, Nat and I headed into Niagara Falls and picked up a few groceries. We knew we wouldn’t be able to accomplish much outside so we made our indoor plans and managed to get through the day without too much boredom setting in.

We had a nice bonus on Sunday. Gail and Bonnie called just after lunch. They were headed over to Crystal Beach to the Arts & Folk Festival and was looking to see if I wanted to tag along. With another extremely hot day hovering above, I hesitated, but once they arrived I figured I go along for the ride and find out where this Lakefront Park was. Nat and I have lived in this area for close to 3 years now and we’ve never been able to actually “find” Crystal Beach. Go figure!! We’ve taken a car ride down around the cottages, but because of the smaller roads, we hesitated to meander down some of them thinking perhaps they were privately owned. Gail and her hubby travel extensively around North America with their classic and antique car clubs, and have been down to Lakefront Park on a few occasions. Naturally we found the place without too much trouble and lucky for us found a reasonable parking space in amongst the boat launchers and other folks out enjoying the cooler temps. The little art show was nice. Along with photographers and painters showing their wares, the Mad Cap gal was their showing off her hats, along with a jeweller or two with their beads and baubles. All three of us found something we liked, but resisted temptation and kept our money hidden deep within the confines of our wallets. I was also smitten with the boaters out on Lake Erie enjoying a cool breeze blowing across the pond and thought to myself “what a great place to enjoy a packed lunch”. With picnic benches scattered around the little bandstand, there were plenty of spots to have a seat, enjoy a good lunch and watch the boaters go by. Mmmmm, mental note to self: ¬†remember to tell dear hubby of where this place is and how to get there.

Having completed our walk about the show, we then headed back to my place. With each visit Gail and Bonnie have made to our little abode, I’ve put out some homemade chocolate chip or other cookies and a drink. However, during their last visit my brain must have been in neutral as I forgot their snacks and God Bless ’em, they missed the treats! This time I was reminded with a giggle and a hug from each that neither one had eaten so wink, wink, nudge, nudge any cookies would be gratefully appreciated. Always a pleasure, ladies!!!

Nat and I were then headed back into Niagara Falls to Laura’s place for 6:00 pm. Busy schedules didn’t allow for Karly to have her birthday on the actual date, so a family get together was held Sunday evening. She’s extremely anxious to get a new laptop but because of other family commitments, the funds just aren’t there. I put together a little plastic container with label “The Karly Revill Charitable Foundation” which Nat and I added $100.00 to in order to get her started. She had received other contributions from her Grandma Marilyn and her parents so we’re certain she’ll have enough funds in no time. Good luck, Karly!! With a successful birthday behind her, she was then off to get packed for her trip to Parry Sound with her Dad and Lucas for a week’s vacation starting that Monday morning. It was also time for us to wish the Dagenais family a safe and fun trip to Florida. They were headed down south July 1st for a couple of weeks. I’m beginning to think Papa Nat and I have been abandoned, but for a good reason. Happy vacation everyone!!


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