Thumbs Up, Dear!

For some reason the weather gods couldn’t make up their minds on Tuesday. Rain was predicted and the clouds certainly made you think they were about to open up, but alas,  nothing fell from the skies. Thinking that it was going to rain, Nat and I headed into Niagara Falls in the morning. I had an errand at Michael’s for Karly’s birthday gift and Nat drove over to Canadian Tire off of Thorold Stone Road to see if they had the rain barrel base that was advertised. I got lucky finding the container I was looking for and Nat got lucky getting the one and only base left in the Region. We accordingly drove home happy with plans to stay indoors when the rains came.

After lunch and still no sign of rain, Nat took time out to continue on building the base for his new shed. He’s got the 2 x 4’s connected, the concrete blocks sorted and needs to level the whole thing. At first he struggled to get started with this project, but now that it’s begun he’s feeling better about the whole thing. I’m thinking the good times will come when it’s time to assemble those gazillion pieces of shed that lay on the garage floor!!!

Wednesday morning found Nat heading into St. Catharines. He had a follow-up appointment regarding his “trigger” thumb and naturally the news was what he expected – surgery. We’ll wait to hear from the surgeon’s office for an appointment – hopefully sometime after golf season. He continues to struggle but has discovered that wearing an old golf glove helps whenever he’s working outdoors. The glove gives him enough support around the thumb and enables him to at least get some things done.

Thursday was another one of those days where the rain gods couldn’t make up their minds. The rains came, the rains stopped, the rains came, the rains stopped, all day long. Just as soon as Nat started to work on the shed base again it would rain. He packed everything up, said the hell with it and came indoors where we both took some time out to watch one of the World Cup soccer games. It’s becoming a bit frustrating with the extreme heat, the off and on rain and the inability to complete anything you’ve started. Nat’s even had to sneak out at night to mow the lawn before the next batch of rain decides to fall. This past evening he just finished mowing when the rain drops began to appear.


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