Bell Canada – Round 2

We’ve been enjoying some peace and quiet for a few months now and it’s been nice. Once we had cancelled our satellite and internet services with Bell we soon began receiving telephone calls from every representative of their’s across the spectrum, right up to management. These calls usually came around or just after our supper time and were frustrating to say the least. With each call I explained our situation, that we were trying to cut back on our monthly expenditures, that we could no longer afford to pay for extras we weren’t using and with the HST about to take effect we knew some of our other utility bills would soon be increased by 8%.

With each call received, suddenly there were deals to be had. Bell could offer us a new low rate for a year and they would put together a package we could manage. With each phone call I had to ask where were these packages when we needed them. Suddenly these great deals were available once you decided to cancel their services. We stood our ground, continuously stated our case and with time the phone calls stopped.

And so we begin again. We took the ultimate plunge this month and switched to a cable phone. Again, the savings were there even after the first year, and along with an added bonus – we didn’t have to call Bell ourselves. The cable company would do it for us. With some naivete I didn’t think Bell would begin to hound us again. I truly felt we had stated our case – the recorded phone calls were there to prove it. Why on earth would they try for a second time?

Well, without hesitation Round 2 has begun. We received the first phone call a few days ago and our second call came last night right on cue as we were just sitting down to eat. Once “Bell Canada” showed on the call display, Nat handed the phone over to me. He knew I had the spiel down pat. He knew I had developed a heart of stone at this point, so without blinking an eye I said “Hello“. It was the same thing all over again – you’re a valued customer – you’ve been with Bell for years – we can offer you a better deal for the first year – we can put together a package suitable just to your needs, etc., etc., etc. As if I had turned on my tape machine I quickly responded “where were these deals in the beginning – we have to cut expenses – the HST is going to increase our monthly utility bills – if we’re such valued customers why are you waiting until we leave to give us such good deals”, etc., etc., etc. This time I’ve become even more cold and cut the representative off by not allowing him to continue. Yes, I know he’s just the “call guy”, but he’s the only one I have to vent to!! So, without hesitation I thanked him for his time, that we’ll reconsider Bell if and when the times comes and promptly hang up. My meal was now cold, thank-you very much!!

I truly have no qualms with Bell Canada or her services. This whole affair comes down to the almighty dollar. If Dalton McGinty and his Provincial cronies are going to continuously hit me and my husband in the wallet, then we have to fight back. We have no option but to hit back at other institutions. The only way we can get back at McGinty and his government is to vote him out of office in the next election, but in the meantime the damage is done. Our monthly expenses have taken a major hit and any new government elected into power won’t be able to take that hit back. As soon as we cut one expense the government finds another way to take that little savings back.

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