A Busy Day For Dad

Watching the weather channel has been a little deceiving this past week. They’ve been a little off the mark as far as our little corner of the world goes. As they were calling for rain Saturday, Nat and I decided to run out, get the few groceries we needed, and then stay indoors and putter around the house. We were fooled. As the day wore on it was quite apparent that the rains were not coming this way and despite the fact that we really didn’t have too many places to go, we were a tad disappointed that we didn’t plan to get outdoors and enjoy the day. As it ended up, Nat read the paper and then we watched a little World Cup soccer and the U.S. Open. I suppose you could say we were getting rested up for Sunday.

Laura invited us over Sunday morning for a Father’s Day get together. Shawn, Karly, Lucas and the Dagenais family would all be there and she was providing a light lunch. The girls gave Nat a gift certificate to the Mandarin and a couple of his favourite chocolate bars, which he enjoys as a bit of a “late night” treat! After a short visit and getting caught up with the grandkids’ activities and school, the Dagenais’ headed home for their additional Father’s Day and the rest of us headed over to Ker Park for Lucas’ baseball game at noon. The Boys of Summer league had started and this was going to be a double header day, but Nat and I could only stay for the first game. Upon arrival we were grateful for loads of shade and were able to enjoy the game in relative coolness. Lucas’ team had a hard fight on their hands at first but managed to pull an 6-4 win out of their hats. The game was exciting and the Coaches were getting clever in the game plans – having the boys bunt a bit more than usual and having one or two batters get out in order to advance a runner on base. Made for great and fast-paced game which we truly enjoyed.

Once the game was finished Nat and I then headed off to the Canadian Tire store before going to the Irwins’ for another Father’s Day celebration and Zach’s birthday party all rolled into one.. He had seen in the weekend flyer that Canadian Tire had rain barrel bases on sale, but as usual, none were to be found. We had checked with the Fort Erie store before leaving and they were out and thought maybe we’d have more luck in Niagara Falls. Nope, they were out too. Then, as we were a tad early for the Irwins’ we decided to check the St. Catharines Store on 4th Avenue, but again, no luck. We’ll have to check mid-week to see if any more come in.

We arrived at the Irwins’ home just in time as everyone was returning from the Kiwanis’ duck races in Port Dalhousie, and the kids by now had all jumped into the pool to cool off. The party was fun, as always, and the burgers and hot dogs delicious as well. We also soon discovered that Zach, his parents and grandfather had attended a baseball charity game put on by a few pro hockey and sports heroes at a ball park in Niagara Falls. Zach was able to get his picture taken with Doug Gilmour and Marcel Dionne, along with receiving a couple of autographs from Gilmour and Pat Quinn. He was thrilled by the whole event and grinned from ear to ear when he talked about it. Nat and I were sorry we hadn’t heard of the game, as we would have attended and be in just as much awe as Zach was. Hopefully there’ll be another game next year!! Zach was thrilled with the photograph of Mats Sundin’s 500th career goal mounted on a blue plague along with a hockey card and gold hockey figure. “Awesome” was his exact word as he thanked us for a great collectible. We also explained that Marcel Dionne himself had helped us put the gift together and when he gets a chance to talk his granddad into taking him to Marcel’s store in the Falls. Nat and I know Zach would be thrilled to wander throughout each room and check out every piece of memorabilia and neat stuff!

With the kids out of the pool and getting cleaned up for bedtime by their parents, the adults soon jumped in to cool off. Nat and I headed home to leave the ‘big kids’ to it as we had had a long day and were getting tired. With a 40 minute drive home we’d then be able to get a cup of tea, take my meds and put our feet up. For us, it was a long day but a most enjoyable one.


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