Old Acquaintances, Busted Microwave And A Hockey Legend

Our usual Sunday morning was nice despite the rains that fell. Don’t know how much more rain this little area can take, but we’re certainly getting our share. The lawn has been growing like weeds, literally, as that’s what our lawn is full of. Nat’s been trying to keep it mowed in between downpours and it’s been a bit of a running battle.

By noon the skies had cleared and we were headed over to the new subdivision being built – Ridgeway-By-The-Lake. We had heard on AM 740 that Frank Proctor, a long time DJ and friend of Nat’s was doing a remote promo at these newly built homes. Nat had not only worked with Frank and his wife, Diane, at Brock Theatre (Centre for the Arts), but he and his first wife had also taken a Mexican/Caribbean cruise with them. Years later when Nat and I started to see each other, our first date was a theatre production of “Brigadoon” directed by Diane and the opening night show was also being attended by Frank and their two sons. We were invited to the back stage party by Frank where we mingled with cast members and had a great time. I remember the party as being fun and furious. Everyone was excited about the success of the play and a good time seemed to be had by all.

A few months later when Nat and I were living together we’d take weekend trips, one of which was to Lindsay, Ontario. Frank was now working for their local radio station while Diane had landed a job directing at their local theatre. We looked them up on one of our weekend jaunts and were invited over to their cottage and then their home. Again, another great time, as both Proctors are wonderful hosts.

With all things in life, time passes and we lost touch. We knew Frank had returned to the Toronto and St. Catharines areas a few years back, and soon discovered he was now working with AM 740 . The Proctors had also downsized their home and moved into a condo, after their two boys had grown and had families of their own. Naturally, when we heard he would be in the Ridgeway area, we knew it was a no brainer, that we had to go and see if we could at least have a chance to say hello. Both Frank and Diane were there and were thrilled to see us again. After Diane’s brush with death – congestive heart failure – a few years ago, she was still using her oxygen tank but was looking great despite her medical woes. Frank, himself, had not changed a bit. Still short and feisty and able to tell a story at a moment’s notice. We had heard he was in the film, The Hurricane” with Denzel Washington since we had last seen them, and once mentioned, he began with his tales. In between story telling, he’d do his promo recordings and interviews then turn around and pick up exactly where he had left off. Nat and I didn’t stay too long as the crowds were starting to form for the onsite BBQ and we didn’t want to hold Frank up from his work. After a great visit we left the Proctors with our new address and phone number and swore we’d get together as soon as we could. As always, gracious to the bone!!

With the arrival of Monday morning Nat and I were up and out the door on our way to Grimsby. Nat had a doctor’s appointment at West Lincoln and I tagged along for the ride and company. As we were also having problems with our microwave oven (the turntable not rotating) we thought we’d stop into Nickerson Appliances on the way hone to see if it could be fixed. It could. We would just have to bring it in when ready.

Tuesday morning I had a hair appointment but after lunch I decided to have Nat take me to Marcel Dionne’s Shop in Niagara Falls. With a nephew’s birthday coming up I was looking for something a little different. The store is something to behold with it’s twists and turns throughout various rooms. Each room was a museum of memorabilia and collectibles for hockey, football, baseball and a little golf. Nat and I wandered throughout each room admiring each photograph, autographed hockey sticks, team jerseys, figurines, plagues and even bobble heads. As we were oooing and awing each item, Marcel himself appeared and was more than anxious to help us with our request. We were tickled to death that he had come up with an idea that was more than suitable. Once our order was placed we had another look around the rooms we had missed and were soon headed home.  We picked up our order Wednesday morning and were more than delighted with the results.

The rains appeared again this morning. Nat was beginning to get a little disappointed. No golf last week because of rain and it looked to be the same this week. With some positive thinking, the sun tried to peek through the clouds close to noon hour and Nat was soon packing up his golf bag and heading down the road. Now I’m back to my routine and getting caught up in the office. We’ll continue with those positive thoughts and hope Nat has a relatively good game as he’s been looking forward to this for well over a week.

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