Burned, Bruised, Bitten and Broken

Poor hubby, just not his week:

Burned – The hottest day of the year and we had 4 yards of garden soil delivered. Not wanting to leave the soil in our driveway overnight, Nat knew he had to get it distributed throughout the yard. He dug, he pushed and he dumped from the moment the soil arrived until early afternoon. During that time his t-shirt was soaking wet and naturally removed it. With the sun beating down it was inevitable – he got burned. It’s now been a week and the poor man is starting to blister.

Bruised – After years of telling me to be careful around the house and watching for possible danger that lurks in every corner, he stubbed his toe on the floor air vent while trying to maneuver around a chair to get to the blinds to close them!! His dumb luck it was the style of air vent that pops up out of the floor in order to allow the air to flow over the floor and not up in the air. He broke the skin of a toe and held his foot under cold water to prevent any bruising, but guess what’s now starting to show up!! Black and blue, baby!!

Bitten – With all of the rains we’ve been getting lately, Nat found a relatively clear day to mow the lawn before it became a small bush land. The lower part of the yard by the bridge is riddled with little flies and they found some good eats!! He got bitten on arms, legs and even his cheek!

BrokenWell, possibly! We had to buy a folding table for the family get together a couple of weeks back. As the strength in my arms diminished somewhat after my transplant, Nat had to help me by turning the ring that loosened the legs that pulled up to make the table tall enough. One of those times where the damn thing was screwed on so tight it took several tries and needless to say a possible broken thumb. Ever since that day he’s had trouble with it – popping back when he bends it, soreness around the palm of his hand and tenderness throughout. After going to the Walk-In Clinic he was sent to the hospital where x-rays were taken. The results will then be sent to his family physician and we should know (hopefully) by mid-week whether it is, in fact, broken. The “springing back” thing is apparently “trigger finger” which is what happens when some damage is done to the tendon. Good thing we’re not into guns. With a “trigger finger” he could become “trigger happy”.

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