Nearer My Elvis, To Thee

After uncrating the shed on Thursday we were left with a large wooden shell and skid. Not knowing what to do with the damn thing, and Nat not wanting to really disassemble it, as he had no use for the scrap wood, we had a fairly good idea. Living in this area you often see pieces of old furniture, garden items, and the like sitting at the end of someone’s driveway with a big “FREE” sign on it. We totally understand why people can’t be bothered to take such items to the dump (you have to pay for it) and there’s always someone willing to take anything home that’s free. So you know were I’m going with this!! Nat took the time to tear off all of the plastic wrap that was stapled to the wood and we each made a big “FREE” sign to stick on either end of the crate. We both felt that the odds were in our favour that someone around this area could surely use the wood for firewood or even crafting. So it sat midway down our driveway until Nat woke up Saturday morning and went out to get the newspaper. He was ever so pleased it was gone and that he wouldn’t have to deal with it. End of problem!

Saturday evening we had tickets to Stephen Kabakos “Elvis Gospel” show at St. Andrews United Church in Niagara Falls. We both love this guy. Despite the fact that he refers to himself as a “tribute artist”, when you see him it’s as if Elvis himself really did walk in the room!!! Stephen looks like Elvis at the peek of his career (tall, slender, sexy and just gorgeous) and the two shows Nat and I have attended at the Greg Frewin Theatre were fabulous. He’s such a perfectionist that even his clothing are designed down to the last detail, including buttons. He certainly left us wanting more after each performance. We were NOT disappointed – it was beyond fabulous. The first half of his show was partially gospel and some old favourites while dressed in a long black velvet, double-breated jacket. Our seats were pretty much perfect – about 6 pews up from the stage – and with a large video-tron above the stage for the balcony seats, you could look up every now and again and each and every one of us remarked “My God, you’d swear that was actually Elvis”. It was uncanny!! He had the whole audience (or congregation, if you’d like) rocking in their seats. We would have preferred that he do a bit more of Elvis’ gospel tunes, but sneaking in a little rock ‘n roll or even rock-a-billy, is always good for the soul. The second half of the show was just as fabulous as the first and after an encore performance of How Great Thou Art, we still wanted more. We were in the palms of his hands. Alas the show had to end sometime, but once it was over and the audience lingering around, Stephen took the time to meet and greet his fans, especially those that travelled far and wide just to see him, and what a thrill that was!! With girlish hearts, Gail, Thamazine and I headed down front to join the throng of adoring fans and each managed to have our pictures taken with him. Another thrill for the three of us. With Claudia, Daryl and Michele sitting back in the pews, we returned all giddy and excited. Even Nat was thrilled to shake the man’s hand and tell him what a great performance he had just put on. You could see it in Nat’s eyes that he was in awe of this man’s vocal range. Nat can carry a tune and really appreciates a good set of vocal chords!! With that, we all headed in our different directions home with smiles on our faces and really glad for another great night out. Couldn’t have asked for much more!! Now we can’t wait to see him again in October!!

I’m adding a couple of pics that were taken of Stephen and with Thamazine and Stephen – just because he’s that great to look at!!!

What A Night!
Lucky Girl!!!!

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