The Wind, The Rain And The Moth

Now that I jinxed things by mentioning the “calm after the storm” in my last post, the bad weather came back in spades last night. We had no idea it was going to be that bad, even though the winds weren’t as wild as the previous storm, but the rain was horrendous.

The day began fairly quiet. After Nat’s appointment in the morning, Home Hardware called to say his new shed was in. Once paid for, it would be delivered within the hour and all would be right with the world. After all Nat has been looking forward to this new shed ever since we moved into this place. Our Home Hardware has a bright red pick-up truck that makes relatively simple deliveries around the area, and when the two lads arrived with this shed on the back we were stunned. We had assumed it would arrive in 2, 3 or possibly 4 cartons (as with other sheds we’ve researched), and boy were we wrong. It had arrived in a huge plastic-wrapped carton surrounded and supported by a wooden frame and skid. The delivery men advised that they had to use a fork lift to get the carton onto the back of the pick-up truck’s bed. Which begged the question – how were they going to get it off again??

Between Nat and the two lads they struggled and strained to just get the carton pulled away from the skid. At that point, I had to leave. I couldn’t watch. There was no way they were going to be able to get this ‘package’ into the garage out of harm’s way until Nat could get to it, so they concluded it was going to have to sit at the top of the drive. From the office I could hear them struggle, strain, push, pull, tug and lift that thing down from the pick-up. Once on the ground the delivery guys headed down the road leaving Nat and I wondering “do we unwrap it now and put the pieces into the garage?” or “what the hell it won’t hurt where it is for a day or two!”. Nat had an appointment with Laura at her lawyer’s office regarding the purchase of her new home and I was tagging along for the ride followed by dinner out at Swiss Chalet for a change. We had about an hour and a half before we had to hit the road and decided to uncrate that ominous carton. It actually didn’t take us long once the plastic was torn away from the frame. The new shed was literally in pieces and we organized and place each piece alongside of Nat’s work bench out of harm’s way. As with all things I tackle, I had to get my usual scrape from rubbing my arm against one of the end pieces, but a small price to pay for a little laborious work. We at least had everything inside and safe. Nat would now have time on his side to get organized and get his plans ready for the base.

While at the lawyer’s office I sat in the lounge and kept one ear on the receptionist, one eye on the persons coming and going to and from the elevator and my two hands playing an anagram game on my Nintendo DS. Being a retired legal secretary I had to check this law firm out as I head dealt with it during my working years. When Laura and Nat were finished we headed off for a nice meal and then home for hopefully a quiet night.

The evening started off fairly quiet but then the rains came – and my God how the rains came!!! We sat for at least an hour listening to the thunder in the distance, while watching the bolts of lightening as they crossed by the front window. We couldn’t believe the amount of water that fell from the skies and bounced down Dominion Road with great abandon. The eaves troughs couldn’t even keep up and we could hear the rain banging against the back of the house. Every now and again during commercial breaks from one of our favourite shows, we would both leave our comfy chairs and stare out the windows (front and back) to watch the whole affair. It was during this time that I noticed a little flutter pass by the right side of my head. I wasn’t sure at first if it was just me, but it was soon confirmed there was a little moth flying around. It must have found its way into the house while the shed was being delivered and doors were being opened and closed. So the rest of the night was spent with Nat and a fly swatter and me with a folded newspaper wandering around the house looking for signs of a flutter. We’d tap tables underneath and above, we swatted inside and around curtains, sofa, chairs and turned on lights hoping to draw it out. Nat at one point even checked downstairs to see if it had gone exploring. All of our efforts were to no avail as that moth never did reappear. I shutter to think where it’s landed and can only hope that it fell dead exhausted somewhere after its exploits. We may never know! So between window watching the rain storm and hunting down a cruddy moth, we kind of missed a good part of that TV show, but I guess we can catch it again in reruns!!

After a good night’s sleep from last evening’s excitement, Nat and I had both plans – he in the garage and me in the house. I got a head start on house cleaning and Nat decided to read the directions for assembling the shed, along with building a base. So far things are clear as mud, but I’m sure he’ll get it figured out, as he usually does. During all of this, I’m sitting on the back patio dumping out the dust from the vacuum chamber and filter, when I remarked to Nat how wet the back corner of the patio was. After all of that rain I’m sure it was just overflow from the eaves. Nat had to admit that it shouldn’t have really been that wet and maybe there was something plugging up the eaves. He headed to the garage to get his ladder in order to check things out and soon discovered the damn thing was plugged. So while he’s unassembling parts of the eaves trough to check where the blockage was, I’m sitting on the stoop trying to declog the filter. Nat soon discovered a fair size clog in the down pipe and once disconnected, the old leaves, water and other debris came flying out right at him. As for me, I only get what I deserve, too. I will admit, there have been times I’v failed to empty the vacuum’s dust container after each use, and this time around it was fairly evident that it had been quite some time between cleanings. The filter was clogged to the hilt and it soon became apparent why the damn thing wasn’t sucking up anymore. It had had enough!!! So, now the eaves and vacuum have both been declogged and hopefully they’ll spew out rain water and suck up dust like there’s no tomorrow – at least until we have to do this whole routine over again!!

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