The Days Following…

Things settled down after that major storm that blew around this area on the weekend. Thank God! We were able to again venture out, so Monday saw Nat back outside digging a border around the wild flowers and stream at the bottom of the yard. I managed to get some cookies in the freezer and should be doing more as we’re getting to the bottom of the barrel.

Tuesday saw Nat off to an appointment with Laura regarding the purchase of her new house. Shawn has bought out Laura’s half of their marital home and she can now remove the conditions on the new home. Her deal closes on the 17th and I’m sure she’ll be glad when it’s all over and her and the kids can finally get settled in. It’s been a very stressful time for her and her Dad, as they’re both worriers and until things get into a routine I’m sure no one’s going to rest easy.

Wednesday morning saw some more iffy weather, and before his golf game in the PM, Nat slipped into Fort Erie to see about his hearing aid. He was having problems with no sound in the left one and he wanted to make sure he wasn’t doing something wrong. Turns out it was a defective wire and he’s now good to go. Despite the threatening weather, Nat was still able to get his golf game in. The rains held off and as luck would have it he had a better game than usual this year.

Today saw the new shed arrive at Home Hardware and hopefully will be delivered before the weekend. Nat’s now anxious to get working on building the base and getting the whole shed constructed or put together. This will be another project I’m sure Nat will be glad to get completed. This has been on his mind ever since we moved to this house and he’s certainly anxious to get his to machinery and equipment organized and put away. This afternoon will see the two of us going into Niagara Falls – Nat’s going with Laura to the lawyers and I’m tagging along to get a free meal at Swiss Chalet. Why not, I’ve been stuck indoors for a couple of days and I could use a good airing out!!

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