The Wind Woke Our Sleeping Giant

Knowing that the weekend weather was going to be crappy, Nat and I headed out Friday morning for groceries. We didn’t really need much, but went into Niagara Falls just the same. So with our little list in hand we completed the task, gassed up at the Canadian Tire that’s usually cheaper than everyone else, and headed home. We pretty much stayed put after that, and I managed to get the housecleaning done so I could relax over the weekend.

The weather that evening was horrendous. The storm that was promised had come to fruition and the rain pounded around are little house like gang busters. The little stream out back was rising up over it’s banks at a frightening pace. However, with the rain being intermittent at times, the stream had some time to run its course and recede, until the next downpour came. Neither one of us are lovers of any kind of rain and we settled in for a nervous and noisy night.

With Saturday morning upon us, the rains had subsided and the stream was at a livable level, so Nat headed down to Fort Erie to pick up his pre-ordered rain barrel, while I started the laundry. Figured I get ‘er done early (as with the house work) so I wouldn’t be jumping up and down Sunday morning during my favourite show Sunday Morning. Nat and I took an hour out of our time and went into Fort Erie for lunch, something we’ve not done in awhile. The second storm promised was moving in and had begun while we were out. Once we arrived home, the winds had started. The weatherman wasn’t wrong on this forecast. The winds were going to be horrific. So knowing we were in for another long, noisy evening, we rented a couple of movies all the while hoping the winds would die down long before bed time.

After lunch, Nat settled in with his newspaper and crossword and I decided to put a coconut loaf in the oven for his tea. The winds were howling pretty furiously at this point and for some reason I was hesitating on actually baking. Knowing me, the hydro would go out in the middle of the whole affair and I’d be stumped. Alas, I remembered that sleeping giant of a generator sitting at one end of our house and I proceeded with my loaf. I had the butter and sugar measured out, the eggs ready to be cracked, and the dry ingredients ready to go. The wind at this point was pretty wild and the trees hovering around our house and Wayne’s, were doing everything in their power to stand erect. With no surprise to either one of us, the lights went out, the digital clocks went black and the washer and dryer stopped cold. Within 20 seconds that normally quiet giant had awoken from it’s sleep ready to do it’s work. The lights were back on, the washer and dryer began to finish their cycles and we reset those digital clocks. Being ever so confident, I decided to go ahead with my baking. If the hydro came back on, then the generator would just slowly wind itself down and things would continue on as if nothing had happened.

With all things in my life, I proceed a little too quick at times. With the loaf in the oven for an hour and the timer on, I sat down and began to read my book that I’ve neglected for several days. I’d hear the timer buzz from my easy chair when it was done. Within 25 minutes or so we heard the generator start to wind itself down. I jumped up to hopefully adjust the digital clocks, check on the washer and dryer, etc., when the hydro went out again. The hydro had come back on but had gone off again, just long enough to break the cycle with the generator. By the time it had kicked in again, the oven’s timer had broken it’s cycle and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what time was left to finish baking the loaf. I knew I had to wing it and I set the timer to about 20 minute intervals so I could check on the loaf’s progress at each turn. As luck would have it the loaf turned out just fine.

In total, the hydro had been out about an hour. Thank God for technology! The washer and dryer remembered where they had left off, the digital clocks with back-up batteries were still reading the right time, the cable box remembered it’s recordings, and except for the oven timer, Nat and I hardly missed a beat. That little giant of ours’ has become a quiet, unassuming necessity that was well worth every cent paid!!

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