I’m Only Selling ‘Cause I Want Something Else

Now that the new iMac is pretty much up and running and I’ve loaded on the programs I needed from the Mac Mini, there’s no excuse to keep a third computer in the house. The new iMac, the Mac Mini and that grand old HP Laptop running Windows XP are too many to justify, so I’ve decided to sell the Mac Mini much to my chagrin. For several days I was unsure and questioned myself as to whether everything on the Mini that I was going to need had, in fact, been transferred, before I wiped the hard drive clean. As luck would have it, my Quicken program transferred over beautifully and is up and running as if it came pre-installed. Our photo and music folders also transferred over and were up and running without too many hitches – just a little re-organization in iPhoto and we were good to go.

So with some hesitation I composed an ad for Kijiji to sell the Mac Mini, the Dell Computer Monitor, external Speakers, instal Discs and more. While Nat was out golfing on May 1st I took the time and re-installed the Tiger operating system and wiped the hard drive clean. It was slick and it was easy but just a little time consuming to run the full instal and once over I could package everything up and post my ad. For some reason I continued to hesitate to pack everything up. While working on the new iMac, I’d look over to my right every so often where the Monitor and Mini were sitting, all plugged in and ready to go, if wanted, and ask myself “Is this what I really want?”. “Yes”, I told myself, “the money it brings in will contribute to that new little LCD TV and wall mount you want for the bedroom”. I’d have to give up one to get the other. So the deed was done today. The ad has been posted and now we wait. Hopefully we can sell it to someone who will love the little thing as much as I did. My first introduction into the world of all things Apple and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way things worked out. That little Mini worked it’s heart and soul out as I downloaded movies, music, burned CDs, surfed the Web, crafted birthday, Christmas and other cards in my Print Shop program, along with anything else I could think to throw at it. Over the past few months you could hear it’s little CD ROM drive struggling a big, but it still chugged away as best it could.

While composing the ad for Kijiji, Nat was back in the garden digging the perimeter of the lawn to make his mowing job easier. He’s also very close to getting that new shed. It’s now just a matter of finding out when Costco is going to get some more in or whether he gives that idea up and reverts back to his original choice at Hone Hardware. Another waiting game, but he’s that much closer than he’s been in months!!

Nat and I also headed down to Fort Erie this morning. Our old paper shredder finally bit the dust and we wanted to replace the same. We also wanted a few other supplies, so we took the time out and got our errands done before lunch. All that rain last night made the lawn soggy and Nat wanted to give it time to dry out before his digging expedition began. As for me, I suppose there are literally no excuses left – I’ll have to get back to transferring what’s left of those old tape cassettes and maybe then I can clean up the office and get it back to normal. Yeah, yeah, at least I’m thinking about it!!!

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