Ahhhh, The Deliciousness of a Mac

At long last a gorgeous new iMac is sitting atop our office desk. It’s been sometime since the release of Apple‘s new operating system “Leopard”/”Snow Leopard” and with our old Mac Mini using the previous system “Tiger“, I was feeling left out whenever some new program or software release was out and could only be used with Leopard. The new Delicious Library was one of such releases. I loved Version 1 on the Mini and had every book, record, tape, CD, DVD, etc. that we owned entered into it. Being great for inventory or record keeping purposes, it made my life easier keeping track of what was in our house. The new version for Leopard was even better, as it held all of your iTunes music.

I was also jealous of new features in iTunes and iPhoto, along with missing out on iSight, Photo Booth, Time Machine and so much more. Despite the fact that most of these programs wouldn’t be used to their fullest, nevertheless it was a “had to have” on my part. Having become an old geek in so many ways since the creation of home computing, I love to get my hands on any new gadgets, programs, software or bells and whistles that I can justify financially. So with my income tax refund in hand, Nat and I headed into town to the Mac OutPost store, walked over to the 21.5″ iMac and promptly said “I want that one!!!“. Adam, the salesperson, promptly replied “That was easy!!“. I was even more surprised when Adam pulled that big beautiful box out from underneath the shelf. As with most things these days, I was fully expecting to have the iMac ordered in and my little heart skipped a beat when I knew I could take this machine home immediately. OMG, I couldn’t wait to get it home and get my hands on it!!!

Having arrived home, we put the box in the office. I told myself, keep cool and calm. I’d open the box the next day after any outstanding household matters were taken care of. I waited one whole night and Friday afternoon saw Nat help set the iMac up – only needed to plug it in, really – and we were good to go. As Nat, Nick and Norm would be headed to Mississauga on Saturday, I’d have the day pretty much to myself to play around with the new toy for quite some time. Telling myself I’d get some household cleaning done first, I soon realized that that little idea was going to go by the waste side. The house could wait, but my hands couldn’t. I had to at least turn on the Mac and do my ooohhhh and ahhhhh thing. Yes, silly, but that’s me and I’ve accepted my shortcomings for what’s it worth!! Plus there’s really nothing wrong in that, except that I’m an adult and should be able to restrain myself somewhat!! What the hell, the boys were out for the day and the house wasn’t going anywhere!!

After doing some exploring and looking to see what was new, I soon became even more enthralled. It also didn’t take me too long to transfer certain of my files from the Mac Mini via an external hard drive. The old “drag and drop” worked like a charm, except for some purchased programs, such as Delicious Library. I couldn’t wait to buy the new Delicious Library, get my music and some other programs transferred from the Mac Mini, and just generally get things set up to where I could get back to my Wednesday pm routine while Nat was playing golf. Listening to my podcasts, playing some FreeCell and working on other projects is the way I spend my time while hubby’s at play. It’s my release, it’s my quiet time and it’s pure enjoyment!! With the new iMac I now have even more things to enjoy such as a bigger screen, better sound and graphics, along with a new iPhoto, Photo Booth, iChat, iSight and Time Machine to get use to. Oh, the wonder of it all!!

As for other things that have been happening – we’ve seen Jason and his Team Green partner show up. They weeded (had a bucket full) and feeded and will return this week sometime to weed some more. Hundreds of those little dandelions must have seen Jason coming with his little weeding stick, ’cause they hid their heads and popped up the next day. Hopefully he’ll catch ’em this time around!! We’ve also been keeping an eye out for a shed for Nat. That’s going to be his big spend with his income tax refund. He’s having a hard time deciding, but think he’s got it narrowed down. Now he only has to work out in his head how to get the base done. Knowing Nat, it won’t take him long.

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