The Roller, The Weeder And The Feeder

What started off being a relatively quiet day has turned into a hubbub of activity. Nat has finally installed or erected our new mail box. With the last one being run over by some unknown character, we put up a cheap tinny thing to hold us over until we knew which way to go. We found a good molded mail box at the hardware store in Grimsby during one of our winter trips home from St. Joe’s, that appealed to us, which was on sale, and with the sun shining this afternoon Nat dusted it off and put ‘er up. While sitting in the office and whenever I lean a little to the right to peak out the window I can see the mail box leaning a little to the right, a mirror image, just like me!! Nat said he had trouble with the main post that goes into the ground, chock full of pebbles, rocks and grit, so it was the best he could do without making the post even more wobbly. We’ll take what we can get at this point!! At least the new mail box isn’t rusted out or creaks whenever you try to open a door.

After some discussion and debate, Nat and I have agreed to hire someone to take care of our lawn. The weeds now outnumber the grass, the little moles have burrowed all kinds of grooves hither and yon and if you can walk on our lawn without looking drunk, you’re ahead of the game. So after several phone calls, one or two quotes, we managed to find someone to roll the lawn – which is being done as I type this posting – and another lawn guy is coming mid-week to start the program we’ve contracted for. He’ll do the weeding and feeding and fertilizing and Nat will only have to worry about cutting this 1/2 acre of ours’. Im hoping this will now take some worry and frustration off of Nat’s shoulders – he so wants to have a great looking yard and has been frustrated by the amount of work that it’s going to take to whip it into shape. He’s also been frustrated with the Provincial Government banning chemicals that kill weeds and those “green” products we’ve tried have been useless. So we’ll try this program for a year and see how things go. It can only get better, in my opinion.

The lawn rollers came with their big rolling machines – one in front and one in back – and upon arriving had their chit chat with Nat and Office Bill across the street. Apparently everyone knows everyone! Jason from Team Green is coming mid-week to do the weeding and the dandelions are popping up their little heads at this very moment in anticipation of his visit. He even weeded a few of those little “wine makers” last week when giving me the quote and checking out the yard, which was awfully nice of him!! Much to our surprise, Jason advised that even the Weed Man (with whom he worked for 7 years) hasn’t had any luck with those “green” products and is in the process of lobbying for more effective alternatives. So he’ll do his weeding by hand until something better comes along, then some aerating and feeding throughout the Summer months to make the lawn look new and more invigorated – or so we can hope!!!

This past Saturday saw Nat and I head up to Limeridge Mall. After attending a visitation for a departed member of Tom’s family, I soon discovered that my ‘red’ coat wasn’t very appropriate. Since I hate shopping for coats of any shape, form or colour, I dragged Nat with me to help search for a new dark-coloured one. With the groceries and other chores being accomplished on that dull, dreary Friday, Saturday was going to see us both staring at each other, so what the hell, a trip to Hamilton would fill that void. I was lucky and found one without much ado. Had to try on a few, naturally, but the one we found was on sale (again, a bonus) and seemed to look half decent once I get the sleeves hemmed. Being great in mind but short in stature is never fun!!!! There are times I can look (and yes, even act) like Dopey from the Seven Dwarfs when things are too long and have been forever grateful when shops started selling “Petite” sizes. So, with the new coat in our hands and after grabbing a bite to eat at the Food Court, we headed home. With The Bay and Sears at opposite ends of the Mall, and a few stores inbetween that our suitable, it’s now getting difficult for me to last very long on any given shopping trip to Limeridge. I at least accomplished my mission and was happy with the results. I guess biking is going to be a definite requisite this Summer!!! If great in mind, short in stature and in good shape, too, then we should be good to go, right???

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