Golf Season – So It Begins!

The official start of golf season in this household is with Nat’s golf league. His first round was yesterday afternoon and he was quite pleased with the first game. Last  year he struggled practically every game and by the end of the season was totally frustrated. So, with only one or two practices under his belt I’m thinking he may have turned a corner. We can only hope!!

As Nat’s golfing partner, Bill, had a death in the family – a granddaughter (27) after a long illness – he was unable to play yesterday. Being true to his (and his sons’) passion, a game was arranged during the memorial service. Naturally, Nat was called to join in and, naturally, Nat had that twinkle in his eyes and the game was set. We had arranged for a quote on weeding and aerating our lawn Thursday morning, but I was pretty sure I could handle that. Sometimes you can see the  ‘guilt’ in Nat’s eyes – about leaving me here alone and with no van – but he’s going to have to get over that little hurdle. This past winter was an absolute drudge for Nat and with golf being his only passion in life (except for me, of course!) how can I deny him that. Besides, my guilt goes away, too. I usually get a case of it whenever he’s home and I’m in the office mucking about on the computer. Time has no meaning to me when I’m listening to podcasts, surfing the Net and just generally checking out new things. With Nat on the golf course, I can usually pass that time away pretty quickly. I also have time alone to work on my projects – transferring tapes, albums, etc. to CDs, working on my blog and even re-organizing the office should the mood strike.

The above being said, I guess I’m not quite into the swing of things. Having every intention of getting back to transferring our tape cassettes to CDs while Nat was gone, for some reason that good intention just blew out the window once the time had arrived. So far this day has been spent with seeing the lawn guy and getting that quote, fiddling around with our back-up CDs for photos, movies, etc., sorting through my Memory Box and doing that usual trip down Memory Lane, along with ordering a couple of hoodies on-line, eating lunch and getting the mail (which is now an actual physical trek outside!). So I guess I’ve frittered away this day somehow and can only hope to get back in the groove next week. Only time will tell!!!

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