One Week – Two Great Meals

Easter dinner was nice. Despite the fact that preparation is a lot of work, Nat and I were still able to enjoy my family and have a few laughs. With the sun beaming through the patio doors into the kitchen on Saturday, we took advantage and cooked the turkey ahead of time. We cooled it down, left it whole, wrapped it up and stuck ‘er in the fridge until we would carve it prior to dinner. We’d be able to enjoy more of our company on Sunday and would only have to cook the mashed potatos and stuffing that day. With other family members bringing a dish, we were assured there’d be plenty for everyone. As it turned out there was!!!

As with every host and hostess there’s a lot of jumping up and down and running back and forth to the kitchen during a big family meal. As a result, I ended up back to the table in the middle of certain conversations, but Nat at least filled me in as best he could remember. Being outnumbered by women, he did a pretty good job.

Nat and I finished cleaning up on Monday morning. After emptying the dishwasher, we took advantage of some quiet time and lazed around the rest of the day. I even watched a couple of my favourite cooking shows and as luck would have it, one show was cooking a turkey – albeit for Thanksgiving!!

With my routine blood work scheduled for Tuesday morning, I was up with the birds (at least on my time clock), with Nat in tow for company and some fresh air. Thinking the rest of the day was going to be relatively quiet, we were pleasantly surprised when Nat’s buddies, Nick and Norm, dropped by. Nick had a doctor’s appointment in Fort Erie and Norm was along for the ride. We always get a kick out of these two bosom buddies and it was great to see them again. As usual, they were going to wander around Rosehill Aucions for a bit and heaven only knows what they’d be picking up.

We finally got the call on Thursday morning that our new living room blinds were ready, so we headed into St. Catharines to pick them up. Anxious to get them hung, we headed straight home and after lunch the deed was done. The blinds look great!!! We’ll now get ready to hang some side panels for added softness. Not having a lot of decorating sense, but knowing what we like, Nat and I will have a wee bit of haggling to do with each other, before we decide on colour or lack thereof. It may take us awhile but we eventually get there, and we’ll take our time as we want to do this right. Doing blinds, drapes and any window treatments is not our favourite pastime!!

Naturally once we arrived home we got the call that  finally our kitchen lights were in. Arriving on that slow boat from China we were glad they had finally docked!!! So Friday morning saw us head back into St. Catharines to pick up the fixtures and then over to Costco for a few things we needed and naturally, a few things we didn’t!!!

Our usual routine of groceries Saturday morning was now a bust. There was nothing on the list, so Nat headed out for his Saturday newspaper while I made an early start on laundry. The rest of the day saw us filling the hours as best we could before we went to The Mandarin to join Susan, Felicia and Bridget for Susan’s birthday. The three girls had decided to go out for Mom’s birthday supper while Tom was away for the weekend and had asked us to come along. We were thrilled, as we don’t get to see our grandchildren much. Extremely busy schedules, school projects and getting on with their teenaged lives are more exciting than Papa Nat and Nana – trust me on that one!! The meal was great, and we got caught up on their busy lives. All in all a really nice time!! Plus – bonus – another great meal after last weekend’s great feast, only this one we didn’t have to cook!!


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