And So It Begins …

It’s Good Friday. It’s gorgeous out. The patio doors and windows are open and that warm Spring breeze is blowin’ in. But wait …

Thursday afternoon Nat gets a call from his golfing buddy. So I’m guessing you now know where this is going!!! Despite the fact that we were going to see two of our grandchildren Friday morning, I told Nat it was his decision but he should take advantage of the fact that it was going to be a perfect day according to the weather guys. We’d call the kids and make other arrangements for later that day, if necessary. Of course, making those arrangements has become extremely difficult of late. All four grandchildren have lives of their own now and Papa Nat and I are feeling a bit left out. It feels like we only see them on birthdays and holidays and if we want to see them inbetween we almost have to make an appointment. But that’s a whole other story.

I suppose I’m my own worst enemy. Now that Nat is on the golf course and enjoying the beautiful weather, I’ve been stuck indoors – no vehicle, no bike, etc. – and have been reduced to doing laundry early and getting a head start on house cleaning. We’re having “my” side of the family for dinner on Sunday and being the person that I am, I always do more than I’m expected to. But what the hell, that’s me!!! I encouraged Nat to go golfing, as I know he’s been so bored of late that I can see the total frustration and discouragement on his face. If truth be told, I’m glad he’s out. For the past few weeks the boredom has been unreal and the two of us are now longing to have at least a couple of hours apart from each other. The little errands we do here and there don’t really cut it – each person in any relationship needs time apart now and again. This winter has been a relatively snow-free one, but heavy in medical appointments, renovation disruptions, emotional highs and lows, and some family disjointedness (for lack of a better word). Both Nat and I are extremely anxious to see Spring arrive and hopefully enjoy a relatively smooth and calming Summer.

Having said all of that – OMG I’m so bored right  now I could scream!!! If I’d known that this day was going to be so gorgeous I would have had Nat get my bike out, cleaned up and tires checked, and out on that Friendship Trail so fast it would make your head spin!! Like I said, sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. “Thinking ahead” is sometimes such a foreign idea along with the fact that if something does pop into the old noggin and if it doesn’t get written down, it ain’t gonna happen!!!!

On an upbeat note – the laundry is done, the ironing is done, the house cleaning is half done – so we’re ahead of schedule for Easter. Oh joy!!!!!!

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