Dull Days And Duldrums

The dull days of winter have certainly settled upon our little home. For the past couple of weeks, Nat and I have struggled to find things to do. Despite the fact that there have been a couple of nice sunny days around, we were still unable to find any ambition. Our brains are dead, our thinking caps have flown the coup and our legs seem to be permanently bent over our easy chairs. Slippers by our feet, we’ve been stuck in the upright position unable to come up with any brilliant ideas for how to wile away the days. How sad and pathetic is that!!!

I’ve managed, at least, to get a hair cut – that took about half an hour. Not much hair to cut, but at least I got caught up on local news with my hairdresser. Nat, too, had an appointment for a hearing test on Monday March 8th which required him to leave the warm confines of his easy chair. Much to his chagrin, he’s going to need a hearing aid. I understand why he’s not happy, but I’m hoping it will make his life easier, as he struggles so to hear certain television shows. Of course, that’s my problem, too, at times, especially those that have excessive loud background music and while watching a British show and catching certain accents. He’ll get them fitted in a couple weeks.

We managed to make a trip or two into St. Catharines. We’re on the lookout for a couple of new lamp shades for the living room. This is turning out to be quite the ordeal as no one seems to sell them separate and apart from the lamps!! We’ve checked every store we can think of, from Sears, The Bay, Winners, Zellers and so on. But low and behold we finally found a couple this past Friday at Canadian Tire. Part of the Debbie Travis collection, the two we picked out were the best that we’ve come across and as it turned out, they look pretty good.

March 12th saw our granddaughter, Karly, off on a school trip to England and Scotland. We dropped by the previous Monday evening to wish her bon voyage. She’s really excited and we could hardly blame her. Nat and I are extremely jealous that she’s going, but we’ll try and make our way over the pond this next Spring. We filled her in on certain British lingo, and what to look for while in Edinburgh, Stonehenge, Loch Ness and Glen Coe, a few of the places she’ll be going. Her class is also going to get the chance to ride that huge ferris wheel in London and Nat and I couldn’t begin to explain how huge that thing is. We both know she’ll have a wonderful time. From her one message home, so far, it sounds like she doesn’t want to return home and I, for one, can’t blame her. We can’t wait until she does, however, come home to hear the stories.

Nat and I have also decided to go ahead and buy some good window treatments for the corner windows in the living room. While on an “excuse to get out” trip to St. Catharines, we dropped in on a couple of blind shops – Better Shade, Blinds & Drapes, etc. – to get some quotes and ideas to mull over. Before heading home we headed over to Canadian Tire (for those elusive lamp shades) and while there ran into Thamazine’s inlaws, Bill and Dorothy. Dorothy was looking wonderful after her medical ordeal (she went through more than I did last year) and as always it was nice to see them both.

The inbetween days of getting out on excuse errands, we’ve been pretty boring. Along with usual chores – cleaning, laundry, etc. –  Nat and I have managed to see ourselves through the days no matter how long they felt. We’ve at least got a couple of pots in the fire waiting to be completed and hopefully by then Spring will arrive, the sun will shine, the flowers will bloom and we can kiss the dull days of winter goodbye!

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