Rona Welland – You’re A Little Late!!

Well, finally!! It looks like the Rona store in Welland is about to open. As Nat and I have been so bloody bored of late, we decided to get out and take a drive to Welland. The new Canadian Tire Store has a bit more doodads than our little local store and it’s nice to walk about, check out what’s new for Spring and, as always, pick up something that we don’t really need right away, but it justifies our trip!!

As we drove into the parking lot the big “Opening Soon” sign stared us right in the face. “Son of a *$%&”, I said to Nat, “what the hell took ’em so long?” We both agreed that whatever the delay, it was a little late for us – our bathroom renovations were done. We shopped at the “competition”, found everything we needed and am more than pleased with how it all turned out. Not to say that we won’t visit the new Rona store, they just won’t benefit from any of our big bucks for quite some time – at least until we decide to renovate the kitchen in another year or two?? So it’s too bad they couldn’t get the store opened in time for the general public that was taking advantage of the Home Renovation Tax Credit, which, I understand, was quite a success. So successful, in fact, the Government won’t renew the same for another year – gotta start paying off that deficit, don’t ya know!!!

I suppose there still must be some delays – the parking lot was full of vehicles and there was no date on the sign. Getting the interior completed, the shelves stocked, the staff trained will, no doubt, take some more time. At least we know it’s on its’ way and Nat and I will look forward to checking the new store out. After all, it pays to plan ahead and shop around whenever you’re doing renovations. With a reduced pension for Nat, we need to get more bang for our buck more than ever!!

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