Hockey Day in Canada

I finally attended my very first hockey game Sunday. I gave Nat a pair of tickets to the Niagara Ice Dogs for his birthday, thinking it would make for a nice Sunday afternoon. Plus he’s not been to a live hockey game in years and it’s out of our budget to get tickets to a Leafs’ game – even if you could find them. Well, it was a nice, but it almost wasn’t!!

Saturday night saw us go down the road to Kelsey’s in Fort Erie for supper, since we’ve not been there for quite some time. The meal I ordered didn’t sit well early Sunday morning and I was feeling a little “iffy” early on. Come time to get ready and go, I was feeling a lot better, so we donned our jackets, grabbed the lunch bag I made up and headed out.

The game itself was fast-paced and quick. How nice – no TV ads every time there’s a break!! The Ice Dogs lost 4-2 to Ottawa but despite that we still had a great time. One of the highlights was after the first period when a group of youngsters were allowed to have a short game on the ice, along with a shootout by another group of youngsters after the second period. One group of lads was from Ridgeway and lost the shootout by 1 goal but still went home with a consolation prize. I even spotted my nephew Zach and his granddad across the rink. Didn’t get a chance to say Hi, as Nat and I decided to sneak out five minutes early in order to avoid the rush in the parking lot. There was the Canada vs U.S. Olympic hockey game starting at 3:00 pm and I’m sure there was going to be a mad rush to get home in time.

Once arriving home we had about 5 minutes to get settled in so Nat could enjoy the Olympic game. Too nervous to watch I hung out in the office for most of the game. May have been a good thing – as when I did enter the room the U.S. scored a goal. Thinking I may be some sort of jinx I immediately left and listened to the game while playing on the computer. If you know the results of the game, you’ll know that was a good thing on my part – Canada won in overtime!! All around it was pretty much a hockey kind of day, and a good day at that!!!!


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