Off, Off, Damn Spot!!

Nat and I have been so boring this past month, I think the Olympic Games are the only thing peeking our interest!! At least it’s killing time in a relatively exciting way!!

Having said all of that, this past October or November (the ole’ brain don’t recall exact, but right about the time of my surgery), a sore spot appeared on my right cheek down by my lips. While attending my annual appointment at St. Joseph’s in January the Doc figured I should have it looked at. He wasn’t sure what it was, but obviously it didn’t look good!!

Well, I had that thing removed today. The dermatologist in Hamilton was quick about removing the whole thing, told me it was somewhat cancerous! What he meant by “somewhat” I’ll never know, but just saying the word “cancerous” gave me a bit of a fright. He re-assured me that the cancer wouldn’t spread internally (somewhat reassuring, I guess) and once removed it could re-appear especially because of the anti-rejection drugs I’m on. So, is this good news, bad news, or just suppose to be informative and “just in case” you see something!!?? After burning that frightful thing off, taking about all of 30 seconds, I was out of there. A bit wobbly from the extra freezing he gave me and after jumping off the examining table a little quick, but none the worse for wear.

I’ll re-attend another video-conferencing appointment in three months to have Dr. Murphy look at it and then again in another year’s time when I have my annual visit at St. Joseph’s. At least now I only have a small round bandage marking the spot and if there’s a small scar, at least I can live with that. Hopefully now I won’t feel like that cruddy old spot is entering the room first before me. I was very aware of its existence, have a constant reminder of it on my driver’s licence, and any future spots that appear will be removed at a much quicker speed!!!

For anyone’s curiosity, these kind of spots can appear years and years later after sun burning or excessive exposure to the sun. Coming from a generation where the cancerous properties of the sun where unknown and not enough research conducted yet, these ugly spots on the face are now the consequence some of us may suffer. Take heed people, use that sun screen everywhere you got skin!!!!

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