Elvis – ’68 Comeback Special – Whooaaa Baby!!!

We knew Saturday was going to be busy, so we took advantage a few days beforehand and finished off some things around the  house. Nat continued on painting the trim and doors in and around the hallway, and I baked three batches of cookies. The freezer was bare and with the grandkids coming Saturday I knew I had to stock up, and stock up I did – Oatmeal Coconut, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin. Should last a few days, but I’ll get some more done, along with some loaves of bread next week.

Thursday afternoon saw me calling Bell Canada once again!!!!! This time to correct a billing error. They reassured me that my next bill would have a credit (after I called to have the same corrected), but low and behold it was the age old scenario of one hand not knowing what the other was doing!! They had deducted the wrong bill from our account and after yet another full explanation of all things passed, we finally got things straightened out. Of course, it’s going to take another month and Bell Canada has use of our “extra” money to their advantage, but we should get it back over time. Please God, let this be the last of this whole mess!!!!

Friday was quiet. I cleaned and Nat finished off the painting.

With the kids coming over Saturday noonish, we ordered a tray of pizza and wings around 11:00 for my (early) birthday celebration. Despite the fact that Laura and Shawn have split, it’s still nice to see Shawn show up and continue to join in our family events. For a son-in-law, he’s pretty damn good and I hope our friendship with him and his mom continue. We had a great time and the pizza and wings were delicious as always. Thanks, Tony (Aneta’s Pizzeria).

Nat and I had a light supper and then headed into Niagara Falls. We were going to see Stephen Kabakos do his “‘68 Comeback Special”again at the Greg Frewin Theatre. As before, Michele, Thamazine, Daryl, Claudia and Darby would be there, along with Gail and Bonnie this time. Michele had won a couple of tickets from work and handed them over to Gail and Bonnie so they could join the festivities. It was going to be a sisters’ evening and I was looking forward to it.

Nat and I arrived early and once seated ordered a glass of wine to wait for the others to arrive. Gail and Bonnie showed up and gave us the latest family news – Daryl wouldn’t be coming as his Mom was in hospital, along with other good news, bad news – and then we spotted the rest of the gang arriving. The show started shortly after that and what a show it was!!!! My God, Stephen Kabakos is fabulous. Big sis, Gail, being a dedicated Elvis fan as a teenager, was even impressed. She agreed that you could close your eyes and swear Elvis himself was in the building. Plus, bonus, Stephen Kabakos looks fabulous, is nice and has a great sense of style and humour. The whole show was energizing and thrilling. The entire audience got into the act clapping, bobbing and weaving their shoulders back and forth and singing along as best they could. Stephen had everyone in his hands and at his mercy – we were revved up and ready to go. I swear we would have “followed that road wherever that road may lead” as long as he was taking us there!!!!! Again, another great evening and even Gail said she’d love to see him again. Have a girls’ night out, Gail, with Darlene, Elizabeth and the gang. A few drinks, a few laughs, great music, a hunk on stage – how could you loose????

With smiles on our faces, we headed home. A late night for Nat and I, but well worth it. We’ll see about getting tickets for his October show and maybe give them to Bridget and Felicia as birthday gifts. Bridget (aged 12) discovered Elvis’ music a few years back and has been a fan ever since. Nat and I both know she’ll enjoy the show, and it’s even great that kids are allowed in and can order “kid-style” fancy drinks. We’d like to think it would be a nice outing with Papa and Nana!!

Sunday saw us resting up from Saturday – yes, we’re getting old but it’s our privilege!! So we decided to stay put (Nat with his crossword and me with my  Sunday Morning) – the weather was crappy anyways with snow and high winds and we weren’t too thrilled to go out if it wasn’t necessary.

Monday morning saw us head back into St. Catharines to Costco where we would spend more than intended, but at least get stocked up for the rest of the winter. A good hibernation needs lots of food and other supplies!! After all, we’ve got the snow where the rest of Southern Ontario seems pretty dry – go figure!!!!!

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